Shitty Weather

Well, it wasn’t that bad, but still a tad annoying.

It started raining today. The snow is melting, but the sidewalks are a disaster. Thankfully my Zamberlan Master GT RR boots are weatherproof and have GoreTex. I could step in a deep puddle and not feel wet. My pants aren’t as weather proof. I’ve started wearing cords because of the mild weather that we’ve been having recently.

My Arc’teryx Alpha LT Pro Shell had no problems. When I arrived home during one of my breaks, I used thick plastic bags to quickly make my GoLite Jam backpack weather proof. The slushy weather made me want to run. I kept my eyes on the sidewalks and the puddles at all times. Things will not be pretty tomorrow when it all freezes over.

The thing is that the weather was so damp that it chilled you to the bone if you weren’t wearing proper clothing.

Signs Of Spring

As I walked out of class, I saw the first glimmer of spring on Friday. Even though it was -20C, with a cold wind making things even colder, the birds were out next to the Grand Théâtre.

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