LaCie Portable Thunderbolt SSD: Fasted Rugged HD Available?

Sure, Thunderbolt is fast, but there aren’t many devices that you can buy that work with it, leaving Apple fanboys crying in their closets. LaCie has released a new Thunderbolt-compatible portable drive, that uses a speedy solid-state drive for that extra special cherry on top. It also supports USB 3.0 for PC users.

lacie rugged external ssd hd

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Transcend Wants to Make a 2TB Flash Drive: Yes Please!

Apparently, Transcend is working on a 2 terabyte USB 3.0 flash drive. I think that’s about the best news that I’ve heard recently, because flash drives can never be big enough. The mythical 2TB drive will “be no longer than a human thumb and only a hair thicker than a penny”. Famous last words or will we see these soon?

transcend usb ssd flash drive hard storage computing

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Micron RealSSD C400 Drives Speed Up, Double Capacity

As expected, some new solid-state drives are being showcased at this week’s CES. Micron was the first to show things off with their RealSSD C400 drives – based upon a 25-nanometer NAND flash die-based drive.

micron crucial ssd storage hard drive

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Terabytes And Databytes

Saturday night.

Saturday night and I’m doing some backups of my 1TB drives.

I will get some external HDs for my upcoming trip. It will probably be a Western Digital. I’m staying away from LaCie, that’s for sure. Honestly, I’m thinking that 4TB would be optimal for me right now, but backing up is a hassle. Can you imagine backing gigabytes and gigabytes away on DVDs? That’s what I’m doing right now and I’ve counted that I have to burn at least 100 DVDs of data before making a dent in my storage problems.

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Solid State Drives Redux

I wrote a short aside yesterday on the evolving trend of the solid state drives.

At the moment, Sony offers a VAIO TZ28 $4K ultraportable 11.1″ laptop with a 64GB solid state drive. To make things simple, a SSD is like a big USB flashdrive. There are a lot less moving parts, which means less chances of the HD breaking down. I have had HDs break down over the years, it’s quite annoying.

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