Cutlery Caddy as Monitor Stand? Why Not?

081111-davids-200hacked-standing-desk-153529.jpgWhile a cutlery caddy isn’t usually standard issue when it comes to a home office, David Wang thought the size/height of a kitchen utensil caddy flipped upside down was the perfect height to use with his standing desk setup, bringing his monitor to just the right ergonomic height. And his hacked creation can go back from standing to seated setup whenever he so desires (he’s also ready for dinnertime with the cutlery caddy at arm’s reach)…

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From Cabinet Door to Standing Desk in an Instant

080811_rg_CabDoorStandDesk_01.jpgEven on a limited budget, you can transition from a traditional desk to your very own standing workstation. With some ingenuity, you’ll be able to set up your own standing desk without spending hundreds of dollars, and yes, it will still look pretty awesome. By using odds and ends, you can put together a standing desk, allowing for a balance between price and (healthier) utility…

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Tom’s DIY Standing Desk: Smartly Put Together

050911_rg_DIYStandingDesk_01.jpgThe quandary that most people face when deciding to try out standing desks is that most of the solutions that we’ve seen can quickly get quite expensive for something that looks decent. This isn’t the case for this DIY standing desk, which uses some IKEA tech and some stuff from your hardware store to look unique, effective, and handsome. Tom also puts in some finishing touches, to make it look that much better.

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Making Your Own Standing Desk: The Best of Both Worlds?

050211_rg_DIYStandingDesks_01.jpgEver since we reported about the dangers of sitting down for long periods of time, especially in front of your computer during your work day, we’ve been looking at different ways of creating our own standing desks. While some of the desks that we’ve found aren’t as polished as others, there are easy ways of spending your day standing up, working without ever sitting down.

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Hack A File Cabinet Into A Budget Friendly Standing Desk

If you tend to spend quite a bit of time at your desk in your home in front of a computer, you’ve probably tried a few different configurations to make things more comfortable. With laptops, it’s easy to just pick up your computer and change locations. However, there are quite a few benefits from using a standing desk.

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Crescendo C2 Maximus: A Table that Adjusts to Your Needs


All spaces, especially home offices, need a signature piece of furniture. Something that catches the eye and sets the space apart from all those dreary gray cubicles. In our opinion, even in a modern, technological, gadget obsessed world there’s always a place for large chunks of handcrafted wood. The Crescendo is such a piece. It can fit in either an ultra-modern workspace or a low-tech artist studio. Simple, elegant, and minimal. Something designers, and those who love them, strive for…

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