43,280-Brick LEGO Star Destroyer: 100% Awesome

This incredible LEGO Ventator-class Star Destroyer was made by Iomedes using 43,280 individual LEGO bricks. It’s a replica of the one originally made by Erik Varszegi, a model designer for LEGO, who built one back in 2005 to promote Star Wars Episode III. Unlike that one, this one doesn’t use any glue, screws, wood, or steel frames to hold it together.

iomedes star destroyer lego venator episode 3 wars

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LEGO Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer Executor Landing This Fall

Yesterday, a reader pointed out that the LEGO Death Star I mentioned had been available for a while. That was true, but it was pretty hard to find. Nevertheless, LEGO is planning on releasing Darth Vader’s super star destroyer Executor this September. The Executor was definitely my favorite star destroyer in the original trilogy. I loved the music that went along with it as Darth Vader oversaw his command.

lego super star destroyer darth vader return of the jedi executor

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