Star Trek Picard S02: The Woke Shitification of Trek

I’m sort of speechless. It’s terrible. It’s so bad. It’s worse than I could ever imagine. How could they turn one of my favorite characters, Jean-Luc Picard, into this BS? Writers who don’t know their source material, like idiots rewriting bullshit. It’s the worst Trek series, and it’s terrible TV.

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Star Trek Picard S01E05-06 Stardust City Rag & The Impossible Box


Well, now I guess we get to find out how 7 of 9 made her way into the narrative. There’s no denying that she was going to appear, since the Romulans are “excavating” an old Borg Cube. They’re searching for Bruce Maddox, the so-called creator of the new androids.

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Star Trek: Picard S01E03-04

I’m not sure exactly why, but I kinda saved ep 3 so that I could watch two episodes at the same time. Was it a shock that Picard is no longer welcome to the top brass of Starfleet? I guess it’s part of the premise of the show.

Microsoft Universal Translator: Star Trek Gets Real

Anyone who’s used Google Translate on a mobile device on the go has realized how close we are to getting a universal translator. While Google Translate isn’t always accurate, it does the job well enough for you to be able to get the gist of another language that you don’t speak. Now, Microsoft is trying to come up with their own software that will translate multiple languages, speaking with a synthetic version of your own voice.

star trek universal translator

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Vulcan Hand Flash Drive: Fascinating.

Here’s another very geeky flash drive that is kind of awesome in its own way. It’s too bad that it only has 2GB, but then again, you’re not paying for the size, you’re paying for a USB flash drive in the form of the traditional Vulcan greeting. Plus, it will help your data live long and prosper.

star trek vulcan usb flash drive 2gb computing fun

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Flashing Star Trek T-Shirt: Where No Tee Has Gone Before

Yes I know that we all love Star Trek, but do you love it enough to wear this flashing t-shirt? It definitely takes the geek factor to the next level and the Flashing Star-Trek T-Shirt comes in four different designs, perfect for all hardcore Trekkies.

star trek flashing el panel t-shirt geek wear classic

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Romulan Ale Energy Drink: Belly-Up to the Space Bar

Don’t tell me that you’ve never wanted to drink some Romulan Ale. The drink was made popular by Star Trek, and pretty much anyone who’s seen the movies or the shows has wanted to drink some at some point in time. Now, you can buy some Romulan Ale for yourself.


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Klingon iPhone Stand: Today Isn’t a Good Day for Your iPhone to Die

While it looks a bit sharp for an iPhone stand, there’s no denying that this thing is unique. It’s being billed as a steampunk accessory stand, and that’s a strange way to describe something that looks so distinctly Klingon to me…

klingon iphone stand etsy star trek

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Star Trek-Themed Home Automation Center: Bridge to Geeks, Energize!

Are you planning on spending a couple of grand on installing home automation systems in your house? Then you should most definitely look at these cool Star Trek-themed screens and interfaces that were recently created by Pascal.

star trek lcars ui windows xp home automation

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The Borg Have Assimilated This Car

I only have one question: why would the Borg bother to assimilate an old car? Does it have some hive-mind abilities that we don’t know about? I don’t know and I don’t think it matters, but Craig Smith has definitely modified his car in an unusual fashion.

the borg star trek science-fiction make car mod craig smith

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