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  • May the 4th Be with You 2023

    With the s3 of the Mandalorian finished, the next thing on the Star Wars horizon is the first season of Ashoka in August. At some point, I stopped watching Clone Wars and Rebels. In Rebels, I found that the portrayal of Ezra Bridger was annoying. The kid was too shouty and arrogant. I rewatched all…

  • Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Review

    It has been years in the making, but finally, this Christmas another Star Wars movie hit theaters. Since George Lucas wasn’t in charge anymore, and that they had managed to snag JJ Abrams to direct, I had high hopes.

  • Star Wars Moleskine Daily Planners: Your Lack of a Pen is Disturbing

    There’s something I love about high-quality notebooks. They will keep your notes pristine for years, and can be easily referenced. Naturally, there are plenty of different good quality notebooks available from other manufacturers like Rhodia, but there’s just something perfect about tracking notes and events in a Star Wars Moleskine Planner. Read more @ Technabob

  • C-3PO Dress: Be a Droid out on the Town

    There are a number of Star Wars-themed outfits out there that look pretty good – but most of them are clearly for cosplay. But you could probably wear this Star Wars dress out to a club or bar, which is one of the reasons why I think it works really well. Read more @ Technabob

  • R2-D2 Flask

    While it will be some time before Disney releases new Star Wars films, you can rest assured that R2-D2′s legacy is continued thanks to this R2-D2 Flask. This flask is a nice reminder that the star of the Star Wars franchise was a little astromech droid. Read more @ GeekAlerts

  • Clone Troopers Recreate Famous Scenes

    If you’re a disgruntled clone trooper and you’re just sick of fighting other people’s battles for The Empire, why not quit and get a new job as a photography model. Actually, these photos were created by a Canadian art teacher using Star Wars figurines (and he didn’t use Photoshop!) Read more @ Technabob

  • Star Wars Babies: Like Muppet Babies… in Spaaaace

    Have you ever wondered what the baby-versions of your favorite Star Wars characters would sound like? Well Sarah Allen of Modern Home Prints sure did. She put together these cute prints that prospective Star Wars fan’s parents can use to decorate their themed nurseries with. Read more @ Technabob

  • Star Wars AT-AT Vinyl Record Clock: The Empire Needs a Turntable

    The Empire’s AT-ATs are wondrous, and that’s probably why I’ve seen them represented in so many different ways. This Star Wars AT-AT Vinyl Record Clock mashes up old vinyl records and AT-ATs for an awesome combination. Read more @ Technabob

  • Stormtrooper Basketball Jersey: There’s Only One Team Playing for the Empire

    Ever wondered what stormtroopers do for fun? How about a pleasant basketball game, between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. Who would win? Well, if you want to root for the Dark Side of the Force, then you should get this basketball jersey, which will allow you to play for the only important team, the…

  • R2-D2 Ballerina Costume: Artoo Tutu

    I have to say that this little R2-D2 ballerina outfit looks pretty cute, and it’s easy to recognize the original droid. It was designed by Leeloo who works as a designer for J!NX. It looks like an awesome Halloween costume or something you could wear to cosplay adventures. She calls it the Artoo Tutu. Read…