AViiQ Portable Charging Station: Never Lose Your Cables Again

It really sucks when your gear runs out of juice and you’ve got no easy way of recharging. It’s even worse when you’re stuck somewhere that doesn’t have any power outlets or you just don’t have the time to charge up your gadgets. Admittedly, the AViiQ Portable Charging Station won’t solve all of these problems, but you’ll never be without your cables again.

aviiq portable charging station

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Fly Your AR.Drone with a Game Controller and Spy on Neighbors More Precisely

When the Parrot AR.Drone was released, it was supposed to be piloted from an iPhone or Android smartphone. However, that didn’t gel with some users since it’s not as precise as they’d like. Serious AR.Drone geeks have thought about using a game controller from their favorite video game, or even better, a flight-simulator joystick, and have put together various hacks to make this happen.

Drone Station Mac Game Controller Parrot AR 01

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DIY: Wall Mounted Charging Station and Laptop Desk

Having a charging station for all of your gadgets is a necessary solution to cable management if you have a lot of them. Finding the right charging solution isn’t always easy. That’s why we thought that Twistedmosaic’s DIY charging station is a great idea, especially as it doubles as a laptop desk. Take a look what he did after the jump to put this charging station together.

Powewise: A Table-Like Docking Station


Powerwise is a neat little docking station designed by by Johanna Strand and Asa Elmstam. If you have a lot of gadgets to charge, a docking station is the best way to manage them. In one compact space, you are able to charge all or most of your devices.

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KangaRoom Storage: Keeping Those Gadgets Powered-Up


Charging stations are nothing new, but a home always needs a way to be tidy and get rid of the messy wires. That’s why we think that this solution from KangaRoom Storage is so efficient. To make things even better, it’s wall-mountable. So instead of bending down to get your gadgets charged, you can mount it neatly on a wall.

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