November 28 2008

Tandoori chicken pizza I couldnt finish at Le Bonnet DÂne
Tandoori chicken pizza I couldn't finish at Le Bonnet D'Âne

Le Bonnet D’Âne.

November 23 2008

The bar of Le Bonnet DÂne on Myrand, in Quebec City, Canada
The bar of Le Bonnet D'Âne on Myrand, in Quebec City, Canada

Le Bonnet D’Âne. Too dark and too lazy to Photoshop.

November 22 2008

Mutant siamese grapes
Mutant siamese grapes

November 5 2008

Giant Anthem 0 07
Giant Anthem 0 '07

October 3 2008

Ozone Hotel on Boul Laurier
Ozone Hotel on Boul Laurier

Ozone pubs made so much money that they opened a hotel.

Hitting My Head

I hit my head twice today. Once on my forehead and another time on my nose. The first one wasn’t too bad. The latter one happened while I was hurrying to catch the bus. I hit the door hard enough to make me wonder if I broke anything. Everything felt fine. I couldn’t really tell, since I don’t have a mirror.

While I crossed the street, I realized that something was flowing out of a wound. Blood.

I used some snow to ice it down. I must have gotten a gash. It wasn’t too bad. As I got onto the bus, I grabbed a route map and applied pressure. It wasn’t really bleeding anymore. I managed to find a seat quickly. The lady sitting next to me offered me a tissue paper. I wiped my wound. She said that it looked fine, that it had stopped bleeding.

Today I tried to get up at 6:30AM, as usual. My classes start at 10:30AM. It didn’t work out. I was woken up by a call from my wife. I was totally groggy until I drank my cup of strong Orange Pekoe milk tea. It’s been snowing steadily most of the day. We are expecting another 15-35cm today.

Tomorrow, it’s Easter. No school, no work. I’ve got two assignments to finish over the weekend. I have to do some catch up in some of my classes.