Steve Jobs Venus Yacht: Not Yet Available at the Apple Store

I have never been one for boats or yachts, but even I could be persuaded to give yacht-life a try in this magnificent vessel that was co-designed by the Apple-master himself, Steve Jobs. This was the boat that Steve Jobs was working on until his untimely death in 2011.

steve jobs yacht venus close

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Tiny Steve Jobs Still Makes More Money than You Do

While I remember what happened to the original Steve Jobs Action Figure, I kind of like this 1/6th scale 12-inch collectible figurine even better.

steve jobs figurine collectible toy 1/6 scale 12-inch apple

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Steve Jobs Frozen in Carbonite iPhone Skin: Who Will Unfreeze Him?

The amazing iPhone skin by Greg Koenig shows Apple CEO frozen in carbonite, just like Han Solo was on Bespin by Lord Vader to test out their carbon freezing facilities before trying to use them on Luke Skywalker.

steve jobs carbonite star wars iphone 4 society 6 skin

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Make Your Own Steve Jobs Papercraft Christmas Tree Ornament

Ah, Christmas is almost upon us and it’s time to bring out some crazy DIY papercraft Christmas decorations to set your tree apart from all of the rest. You can create this papercraft Steve Jobs Christmas tree ornament all by yourself and hang it on your Christmas tree to make it Apple approved!

steve jobs papercraft christmas ornament tree

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Hitler Finds Out That The Ipod Touch Has No Camera

I don’t have an iPod Touch so I don’t really care about the fact that it isn’t getting a camera. I’ve got an iPod Classic from ’08 that has 160 GB, the only iPod that could hold my entire music collection.

That being said, the only good thing about seeing Bruno Ganz as Hitler in this clip from Downfall is that it reminds everyone of what he is responsible for, The Holocaust. The movie was culturally important for Germans for its portrayal of Hitler. I think I’ll watch it again in German. It’s one thing that everyone needs to remember. Never forget The Holocaust.

Gruber on Jobs’ Liver Transplant

Gruber comments on the way the liver transplant of Steve Jobs was leaked by the WSJ. It sounds like an intentional leak by Apple.

Steve Jobs Taking Medical Leave of Absence

Apple guru Steve Jobs has taken a medical leave of absence.

Steve Jobs’ Keynote Speech

More from Wired on Steve Jobs’ keynote speech. Two big things: MacBook Air and iTunes digital movie rentals.