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I Am Not Steve Pavlina

Interesting post on what’s going on with Steve Pavlina right about now. I have to agree that the dude is going through a mid-life crisis. Destroying his family and hooking up with people is one part of the issue. The other is his obvious sexual deviancy. He admits to being a “dom”, as in BDSM. If that doesn’t turn off most of his readers, I don’t know what will.

Steve Pavlina Goes BDSM

After splitting up with his wife Erin, Steve Pavlina decides that he wants to try BDSM. He professes on his blog that he’s a dom and wants to finds subs to boss around. Pavlina is a well-known motivational speaker. I was extremely surprised to read this in his latest blog post. Then again, this is the man who decided to try an open marriage with his wife.

I’m also kind of curious what this will do to his readership. Will it alienate them? Personally, I find it strange.

Polyamory Leads to Steve Pavlina’s Divorce

Earlier this year, motivational blogger, writer and speaker decided to try polyamory. This led to his separation and upcoming divorce from his wife. I blogged about this development earlier this year. It turns out that I was totally right. His marriage did implode because he decided to seek other partners. Personally, I think that Pavlina is suffering from a mid-life crisis and wanted to see younger women and “great new partners” to experience new things. His situation, with young kids and a 15-year marriage, could only lead to disaster.

Steve Pavlina and Polyamory

Personally, it’s not for me. I couldn’t live without my wife and I don’t really want anyone else. Of course, I still find other women attractive, but my wife is my wife, and she’s the constant in my life.

I can understand that from a genetic point of view, men are made to get as many partners as possible. This is a known fact and makes for a nice and healthy genetic heritage.

In my opinion, it won’t take long for his marriage to implode. Usually, situations like these are deal-breakers marriage-wise.

Raw Food And Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina makes a compelling argument about going 100% raw. That is, going 100% on a raw food diet. I’m not 100%. I’m about 85% raw. What do I eat cooked? Meat mostly, eggs. I guess that I could try it for a week or two. I do eat raw red tuna. If I could find a stable supply, that could take care of my meat requirements.

What Steve Pavlina Learned From Going Bankrupt

A really nice article on what Steve Pavlina learned from going bankrupt in his early twenties about life and finances.

The Most Direct Solution

Steve Pavlina on the most direct solution to problems.

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