StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers: Never Lose Your Phone or Keys Again

I usually don’t misplace things, but from time to time, everyone misplaces their keys, phone or wallet. Instead of raging like an animal, tearing apart your place, why not simply stick on an Bluetooth sticker that will allow you to easily find them again.

sticknfind bluetooth stickers

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StickerFun’s Vinyl Stickers for MacBooks: Something for Everyone

Etsy vinyl decal stores are a dime a dozen, but from time-to-time you come across something cool. These great decals by StickerFun are pretty sweet, especially the ones from Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro.


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Protect Your Hard Drive Secrets With a Simple Sticker

While I don’t think that hackers need any info on how to destroy their data in case of an FBI raid, other people might need a helping hand. Here’s the easiest way to destroy your hard drive, in case of an emergency. FYI, you’d best keep a drill handy.

hacker easy hard drive destroy drill

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Game Boy Color iPhone 4 Decal: Nintendophone

Are you looking for a unique decal? Take a look at this Game Boy Color iPhone 4 decal that will make the back of your precious iPhone look almost like a classic Game Boy.

game boy color decal iphone 4 sticker apple

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