Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Puxxle Pixel Puzzles

I used to like putting together puzzles, but I have gotten out of the habit over the years. These awesome pixel puzzles might just rekindle my love for puzzles, since they aren’t just puzzles, you can actually use them to decorate the walls of your house.

Puxxle Puzzle Pixel 01

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Typographic Macbook Decals Remind You to Give A Hoot, Don’t Leave Your MacBook Plugged In

These great typographic laptop stickers for your MacBook were created by Hu2 Design in collaboration of the French designer r.ferrer. They definitely make your MacBook look stand out in a crowded coffee house.

macbook stickers vinyl hu2 design romain ferrer laptop

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Stickers Transform Keyboards Into Typewriters

Have you always wished that you could make your shiny new Mac look a bit more Steampunk-ish? Look no further, because Dave Quattrini has created a bunch of stickers that are made to stick onto your laptop and transform it into a vintage typewriter.

stickers steampunk typewriter mac apple laptop decoration

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Stickers On Your Laptop?

042109_rg_laptop_stickers_01.jpgA lot of people try to customize their laptops in different ways. The reason is that they want to make their products unique. Sometimes this is well done and other times, it’s a bit of an eyesore. The resulting laptop will always be very visible and particular. But this made us wonder: are stickers hot or not?