Gym Stories

There’s the girl who puts the treadmill stubbornly at 10kph but can only manage to run at that pace for less than 30 seconds. Then, she holds onto the rails of the treadmill for 30 seconds, stomping away, until she runs again for another 30 seconds.

There are the girls who put shirts or jackets over their belly and crotch areas to hide.

There’s the girl who was wearing gloves to run.

There are the people who go to the gym and use the treadmill to walk.

There’s the smoker who runs for a long time who ends up next to me half of the time. As soon as he starts running, it starts smelling like ashes.

There are the people who do splits and stretching, men and women alike.

The Queen of Clubs @ McSweeney’s

Over at the McSweeney’s column Notes from a Caddishack, I wish that Mel had finished his story. It was pretty interesting.

My Girlfriend Is Blind by Mima Simić @ Firmuhment

Beautiful story by Mima Simić over @ the Firmuhment. It’s hard to imagine how life would be without sight.


It’s a little past midnight, and a man gets out of a courtyard. He’s got a dog in tow and he’s walking quickly towards a nearby park. The dog follows his master obediently on the leash. It’s a French bulldog, all muscle and all clown. The owner is pulling the dogs along. He sees a bunch of stray dogs nearby, strangely clustered around a large container. The man doesn’t think too much about it and hurries onward.

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Writing Galactic Rim

It’s taken a while for me to get back into creative writing and my stories. I’m happy to report that I’ve started writing in the Galactic Rim universe. I’m continuing the story where it left off, and editing parts of what I have already written. I’ve got the feeling that over the last year, I’ve become a better writer. Teaching grammar to adults and  writing articles everyday has helped me a lot.

I’m also preparing to edit, write and pursue Symria once again. During the course of the next few months, I hope to put together a few book proposals. If there are any agents or publishers reading this, please contact me.

Symria is a young adult fantasy novel. Galactic Rim is hard science-fiction. There is also a memoir of someone that I would like to put together. I think that I’ll be ready to publish an excerpt of Symria soon. The story was started in November 2007 for NaNoWriMo. It’s got about 75000 words until now.

Three Things On The Storytree


Today I saw a girl in the bus. She was young. I’d say 18-21, but I have trouble really telling what her exact age was. She was in army fatigues. She was obviously in the Canadian Armed Forces. She had the beret and her unit insignia.

She was an incredibly striking girl. Very full lips, grayish eyes and striking features. I almost took a picture, but she was on the phone shortly after and the magic of the moment was lost. I was sitting in the back and she was sitting directly in front of me, on a bench that was perpendicular to my seat. She kept showing me this incredibly beautiful angle from her neck to her cheek lost deep in her thoughts.


On Friday, I saw two guys practicing parkour in a park. I just saw them for a short while, but that was enough to see one of them to a backward somersault. I almost got off the bus to take some photos, but it was the end of a hard week and I wanted to relax.


On the way home for lunch today, it started to rain. On the way back to work it was still raining. I saw a lady using her reusable grocery bag to shield her head from her head. It really looked bizarre since she really had the bag on her head.

Storytree Stories

If you’ve got any stories that you would like to send me, please feel free to do so. I started the Storytree stories more than a year ago to collect stories of people and my own. All of the ones that were published were witnessed by me or they happened to me. I would like to expand the project into other people’s stories. Good or bad, nice or naughty.

Here are some guidelines:

Storytree stories must be real.
They can be very short or very long.
They can be sent anonymously. I’d actually prefer to anonymize them before publishing.
You can send me anything, but I reserve the right to choose what gets published.
You can also send photos to accompany your stories.
You can include adult situations and language, but be advised that I will post a warning above such stories.

Send them to memoirs [dot] on [dot] a [dot] rainy [dot] day [at] gmail [dot] com.

A Hole In My Heart On The Storytree

I have this student named Vicki in one of my classes. All of my students this semester are adults. She’s this wiry short blond woman. She looks about 30ish, but she’s actually closer to 40ish. At least that’s what she’s told me.

She looks good. Her demeanor makes her seem much younger that she really is. I initially thought that she was about 30ish. I was actually very surprised when she told me that she was closer to 40. Petite, blond, green eyes, glasses, girlish, and flushes easily are words that describe her well.

She’s a fun student to have around. She’s very energetic and brings a great atmosphere to the 4 person class that I teach Tuesday mornings.

The week after Easter, she wasn’t at class. I found that surprising, because she always comes. I didn’t really think about it. Recently, I had one student absent because she was recovering from knee surgery. She’s about 23.

The following week, Vicky was at class, but she told me that she didn’t have time to do her homework. She was hospitalized during Easter.

I asked hospitalized? Whatever for?

I had a cerebral stroke.

Cerebral stroke?, I ask.

Yes cerebral stroke.

Well, on Friday I wasn’t feeling too good. I had a migraine. I took some Advil and still had dinner with my family. There was a strange moment during the night, but it passed.

The next morning, I found that I couldn’t really feel my arm. I mean that I could move, but I couldn’t feel it. Something was up. Anyways, I had to drive the kids to their practice. The next day, I brought my daughter to the doctor’s office for something unrelated. I started to tell my family doctor about what had happened.

He immediately grew concerned and ordered an MRI. The next day I had the scan. Immediately I knew that something was wrong. The doctor called another doctor. They looked at the result and called my own doctor. They all looked at my scan.

I knew that something was up.

My doctor informed me that I had had a cerebral stroke recently. This was why I had the strange feeling in my arm. Really? I asked. Yes, a cerebral stroke. It’s very unusual because you are so young.

It turns out that I have a heart murmur. I have a small hole in my heart. The non-oxygenated blood that went directly to my brain caused this.

I am seeing a cardiologist tomorrow she said.

They tell me that I’ll have an angioplasty. It’s going to be a routine procedure. They won’t open my rib cage or anything like that. I’m very glad that I don’t have any side-effects.

Nose Picker On The Storytree

I saw a boy pick his nose in my Analysis I class. He casually ate his booger. He’s one of those “I’m so smart I don’t need to take any notes in class” types. They annoy me. Booger eating annoys me as well. Funny, because this class is filled with hot chicks from the education faculty. You’d think that he’d watch that kind of thing.

Spring is finally here. I can’t count the number of thongs that I have seen. The air at school is filled with hormones. It’s almost palpable.

A Lost Camelbak Bottle On The Storytree

This morning I was a few minutes late on my usual schedule. This was mainly due to the fact that I did a last minute edit of an assignment that was due today and I was completing my pay sheet. Usually my pay sheet can take me about 20 minutes to complete when I do it in the mornings (when I’m not really woken up). Today, I finished in 10 minutes. Before that, I had to save my paper in PDF format. At school, we are in Linux. It has trouble with the .docx format. If I save it in .doc format, I’d lose all of the equations written in M$ Word 2007. Before I hopped into the shower, I started the PDF printing process. The last time that I had tried this on such a large file (13 pages), it didn’t work. When I checked upon the progress after my shower, all had worked well. My pay sheet had been sent off. Everything was good. I just had to make the bus.

I took the elevator down. I usually job until I get to the street. When I arrived at the street, I saw that my bus was coming by and that I would miss it, no matter how fast I ran. I started running as fast as possible. I missed it and ran after it. I knew that the next stop on the cross street was just 200-300m away. There was a stop sign. The bus had to stop. I thought that I would catch up with the bus at the stop sign, but it was just too fast. I continued running as fast as possible. I arrived at the stop. A teenage girl with strangely shaped nostrils, by this I mean that they weren’t ugly, just unusual, had gotten on. I arrived at the door of the bus and knocked on the window so that the bus driver let me in.

The morning bus drivers are very jovial and kind. I had made it. I kind of half ran half skipped till the back of the bus and sat down. Boy, I was ready for a gulp of my Camelbak water bottle. But to my distress, I noticed that the bottle was missing! It must have gotten loose when I was running. It must have fallen out. Instant dilemma. Should I stay on the bus or get out and find my bottle? It was about 7:26AM. I usually arrive at school at 7:55AM. My classes start at 8:30AM. I decided not to get off.

Maybe I should have. It would have taken me some time to find the bottle. I had a little hope left that I would maybe find it when I came home at around 4PM. Alas, it was not meant to be. I arrived at school, printed out my paper and went to my classes. At the end of my classes, I noticed that my scarf was missing. It was probably in my first classroom on the 3rd floor. I was on the 1st floor. I went back upstairs and found my scarf. At least I didn’t lose that! It totally sucks losing your water bottle like that. I liked that bottle a lot. I wasn’t the color that I wanted, but it had served me well. I liked drinking water out of it. And now, it’s roadkill.

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