How Mosquitoes Manage to Fly in the Rain


Mosquitoes are able to fly adeptly during a rainstorm as well as under clear skies, but how do they manage that feat? Since mosquitoes weigh 50 times less than raindrops, shouldn’t they be crushed by the rain? David Hu has discovered otherwise.

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Snow Storm

It’s 3:30 and there is a snow storm outside. I still have an hour and half of classes to teach. Today, it took me over an hour to get from one class to the other. I’m thinking about cancelling that class, it’s just too far.

I got up at 6:45AM and my mind was in a jumble. I went to bed too late. It took some chocolate and a coffee to really wake me up. It’ funny because when you speak many languages, when you are tired, you mix up words in ALL languages.

I got my hair cut on Tuesday at Aquarium on St-Jean Street. It was surprisingly cheap, exactly $21. It took about 27 minutes. However, you don’t get the full on experience as in Taiwan. The last time I went to get my hair cut, it took about 90 minutes and cost $15. I got a 10 minute back massage, 15 minute hair massage and the girl scultped away at my hair for over an hour. It was pretty cool.

Then again, I managed to talk with Caroline, the stylist at Aquarium. Something that I just couldn’t do in Taiwan.

No Internet No Phone No Cable

I spent all of the morning and early afternoon without any internet. Since we have VOIP and cable all through the same cable modem, those services were absent as well. A major storm hit last night, with wind gusts up to 100kmh. Things are quiet today, but the aftermath will have people scrambling for days. At least I live in the middle of the city. In the suburbs, power outages and other problems will persist.

The weather was very bad last night. The walls were shaking and I thought that it was appropriate that I was reading the Book of Revelation. Last night, we watched a bit of Mad Max. It was a dubbed version, and not because it was in French. We watched it on Showcase and it was dubbed with American accents. That really made the movie not as interesting as before. The voiceover artists reminded me of some really old kung fu movie dubs.

Snow Day In Quebec City

Because of the severe adverse meteorological conditions, all activities of University Laval have been suspended for the day. That means that I don’t have 6 hours of classes. Thankfully I checked the website a minute before heading into the shower. I got up at my usual time at 6:30AM.

Light snow


Light snow

In Québec, most universities and colleges have at least one day reserved that they will take off in case of severe weather warnings. Québec City has a blowing snow warning, a snowfall warning and a wind warning. It smells like a snow storm. We are expecting between 15 and 40cm of snow today. Cool!

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