The Last Cat Dinner on the Storytree

It was a busy week, and it had taken Mr. Fuzzles a lot of time to finish up the year at Cat School. From kitty report cards to marking pet exams, the way that the end of the year was organized at his Cat School was terrible. He had finished late more than once a week, finalizing everything. He had barely had any time at all to get high on some catnip or play with Tigger. He had already one end of year feast planned for the following week. Unlike this one, he knew that his other kitten school would pay for everything. It was a kind of local tradition. They weren’t dogs, they were civilized. It was what was expected.

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Trashed iPad and iPhone Found Using MobileMe

It’s every geek’s nightmare: mistakenly putting your precious gadgets into a bag and accidentally having them thrown out! This happened to Eric Boehs and he managed to use MobileMe to track down his lost iPad and iPhone. Incredibly, he actually found them again – a little worse for wear.

ipad iphone trash adventure gadgets mobileme

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The Girl Who Was Loved Too Much

Great story over at the Firmuhment. It’s kind of amazing the way this blog is put together. It’s basically the ultimate paperblog. I’m sure that this will become a book at some point.

The Untold Story of a 100 Million Dollar Diamond Heist

I found this link a few days ago and have just started reading it. It’s a really interesting article that was pieced together by Wired’s Joshua Davis. (via waxy)

Great Grand Schtroumpf

Schtroumpf crumpling by Mélisande
Schtroumpf crumpling by Mélisande

Following the adventures of the past few days, Great Grand Schtroumpf decided to intervene and to personally reassure everyone involved. The first thing that happened was that he apologized and said that this should have never happened and will never happen again.

A few moments later, La Schtroumpfette apologized as well in front of the other people. I said not to worry because sincerely it wasn’t really her fault. I noticed that Schtroumpf Grognon wasn’t there yet. I thought he had been fired, but he appeared a little while later with Great Grand Schtroumpf tailing him. Great Grand Schtroumpf wished everyone a great week and left. Schtroumpf Grognon pretended like nothing had happened, which totally proves that he’s a total asshole.

The Elephant’s Child By Rudyard Kipling

IN the High and Far-Off Times the Elephant, O Best Beloved, had no trunk. He had only a blackish, bulgy nose, as big as a boot, that he could wriggle about from side to side; but he couldn’t pick up things with it. But there was one Elephant–a new Elephant–an Elephant’s Child–who was full of ‘satiable curtiosity, and that means he asked ever so many questions. And he lived in Africa, and he filled all Africa with his ‘satiable curtiosities. He asked his tall aunt, the Ostrich, why her tail-feathers grew just so, and his tall aunt the Ostrich spanked him with her hard, hard claw. He asked his tall uncle, the Giraffe, what made his skin spotty, and his tall uncle, the Giraffe, spanked him with his hard, hard hoof. And still he was full of ‘satiable curtiosity! He asked his broad aunt, the Hippopotamus, why her eyes were red, and his broad aunt, the Hippopotamus, spanked him with her broad, broad hoof; and he asked his hairy uncle, the Baboon, why melons tasted just so, and his hairy uncle, the Baboon, spanked him with his hairy, hairy paw. And still he was full of ‘satiable curtiosity! He asked questions about everything that he saw, or heard, or felt, or smelt, or touched, and all his uncles and his aunts spanked him. And still he was full of ‘satiable curtiosity!

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