N-Product Deckster iPod nano Watch Strap Comes with an Eject Button

What I first thought to be a watch that mimicked a Nixie vacuum tube display is actually a strap to house your iPod nano 6G (and then just set the nano to its Nixie display mode). The Canadian-made N-Product Deckster looks quite distinctive and different from the other iPod nano watch straps that I’ve come across.

n product deckster ipod nano strap

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DIY Scarf Camera Strap Keeps Your Camera on with Style

Lugging around your camera to take photos can be tiresome, especially if it’s a DSLR, which is why I like the idea of this scarf camera strap combination. The best part is that you can DIY, however you’ll need to be able to sew and find the right components to make this work and not end up with your precious camera on the ground.

camera scarf strap 01

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