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  • Moon Knight: It Took Only 5 Eps For It To Be Good

    Until this week, I have to say that Moon Knight was kind of average. Maybe a bit below average, especially for a MCU show. I’m not sure exactly what the goal of this show was. Maybe it was hit by delays and a decrease in scope because of the pandemic, I’m actually unsure. I have […]

  • Hawkeye Season 1: Better Than Eternals & Shang Chi

    There’s finally some more MCU content to watch. I went into this series with mixed feelings, a bit like Falcon & the Winter Soldier. Hawkeye has never been a character who I thought deserved his own series. But in a year which has been filled with bad releases, so far, for movies at least, except […]

  • OD-11 Cloud Speaker

    Just announced at this year’s CES show, the OD-11 Cloud Speaker is a deceptively-simple looking speaker cube that comes with built-in Wi-Fi, an integrated 100W amplifier, a single woofer, a single tweeter and measures about 10 inches cubed. Read more @ GeekAlerts

  • All In the Family: Storing Data As a Family

    The modern family can consume gigabytes upon gigabytes of data on a monthly basis: streaming their own shows, listening to different music, gaming, and consuming online data like hot water in the morning. Here’s a solution to ease the burden of filled up hard drives while being able to share files and media across devices […]

  • Acer Showcases Its New Streaming Hub

    Acer just released information on their new streaming hub, named the Revoview. It’s similar to the Revo, albeit in a smaller form factor. It’s basically a media storage and streaming device for your home. It can be accessed via your home network and will work with many different devices. Read Full Post

  • FlipShare TV Finally Priced & Ships Later This Week

    We mentioned the FlipShare TV system almost a month ago, but now we found out more about this system from Cisco. FlipShare TV is an easy way of connecting your TV to your computer and streaming media. Read More…

  • Comcast TV Everywhere Will Be Free For Subscribers

    When Comcast TV Everywhere goes online next month, existing subscribers will be pleased to now that it’s free. This is a service to stream on demand programs online on different devices, such as your computer or your HTPC. Read More…

  • MJelly

    MJelly is a mobile music thing.