Super Mario Hits the Sidewalk

I really like this animation by German artist Surfap – based on the classic 8-bit NES game Super Mario Bros.

surfap super mario time lapse video

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Illegal Art

Nice stencil work by LES, via tumbl p0ps
Nice stencil work by LES, via tumbl p0ps

All of those cities getting tough on graffiti vandals are imbeciles in my book. Instead of arresting street thugs, they are punishing artists like UTAH (Danielle Bremner) who got arrested and will serve 6 months in jail. In March, Yoshimoto Nara was arrested in NYC.

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The Daily Mail Tries To Unmask Graffiti Artist Banksy

The Daily Mail tries to unmask the legendary graffiti artist Banksy.

Stainedglass By Posterchild

Incredible street art installations by Posterchild. Posterchild is a graffiti artist from Toronto, Canada. Ona visit to NYC, he blanketed four annoying multimedia screens in with his own signage. These posters simulate a stained glass window. It’s pretty amazing to see. The effect is awesome. Four signs were created: “hold” “fast” and “sell” “out”. It’s incredible how something so ugly can become something so beautiful. (via designbloom)


Krink makes handmade permanent markers used in street art. Some of their markers will be visible through a few layers of paint.

Wall Painted Animation

I’ve seen this on a few blogs, it’s well worth watching. It must have taken an obscene amount of time to paint. It’s called Muto by Blu.

Banksy On Essex Road

Banksy painted new art on Essex Road. The sketch for the street painting fetched 195000£.

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