Jessica Biel’s Strips for Powder Blue

Two stripteases that Jessica Biel did for the new movie Powder Blue. This also includes a lapdance and a love scene. I still can’t believe that she wasn’t wearing a thong for her strips. NSFW!

Modular Power Sockets: Mix and Match to Create Your Perfect Power Strip

031209_rg_movablepower_01.jpgI think that everyone has the same problem when it comes to power strips. Usually, you never have enough plugs for everything that you want to plug in. So you buy another one to plug it into the first and then on. You end up with a mix of cables and strips that don’t make sense and that are quite literally a mess. Unless you unplug everything, you have to find some way to manage. It’s not always a pretty sight. The Movable Power strip is something new that will actually attempt to deal with your cable mess.

Monster Energy Efficient Power Outlet


As a company, Monster is known for their cabling. They have now started tackling charging and powering your gadgets in an eco-friendly way with a new range of standby disabling power strips. The Digital Life PowerCenter GreenPower are aimed at being connected to your computer and its peripherals. Once you turn your computer off, all of the peripheral sockets get turned off as well. This first line has three different models, the MDP 650, 800 and 900.

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