English Accents As Viewed By Young Taiwanese ESL Learners

-So which teachers are Canadian? asks Student A.
-T. Range, T. K, and T. R., answers Student E.
-How about T. Br?
-He’s American, as is T. J., I interject.
-How about T. Be?
-He’s from England.
-What’s the difference between them all?
-It’s the way that they all say “out”. Canadians will say it this way. The English say it this way and Americans say it this way.
(Student E demonstrates to Student A, quite hilariously while I listen in. This whole conversation took place in Mandarin.)

The Best Educational Apps for College & University

102511_rg_SchoolApps_01.jpgAs yesterday’s infographic post illustrated, the days of just book in the backpack for students is long gone. Students are hooked up on tech, hooked in with social networks, and downloading a plethora of different apps to do their homework, complete assignments. Here are some of the best student-classroom apps to help get those assignments done like student of the 21st century…

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Back to School Tech: What’s Your Luxury Item?

Students are back in school and hitting the books hard. While many students have to leave home to go to school, a few lucky, or unlucky ones, have to stay back home. That being said, what’s your tech luxury item that you’ve decided to take with you to school?

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Back to School Tips: Cutting Costs Where It’s Needed

A lot of students have just started a new semester or are just about to. Students need to save pennies everywhere that they can. This is why it’s important to make sure that you stay on budget when school starts. Here are a few tips to keep things in balance.

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Bus Stories

Today I was taking the bus back home after 6 hours of classes. After a while, you always see the same people on the bus. You start to recognize them.

There are always students of all ages on the bus. I’ve seen kids from about 11 or 12 years old taking the bus to school. There are always university students taking the bus.

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