Google Summer Of Code Redux

Well I managed to squeeze in three full proposals for Google Summer of Code. I don’t know if I will be successful. It was pretty stressful trying to finish the last one on time. Next year, I’ll prepare my proposals well in advance.

I just finished a term paper for Teaching College Mathematics. I should get a good grade. I’ve been writing it for about a month. All that’s left is to create a power point and practice my oral presentation.

I’ve got two last assignments left to finish for the end of the semester. One is due next week and the other is due at the end of the term. On top of that, I’ve got four exams in two days during the last week of class.

I took some photos yesterday. I hadn’t notice that my camera was set-up for night shots. I took ISO 400 shots in sunny weather. They didn’t turn out too well.

Spring is finally here! We’ve lost a few feet of snow already and I’ve ditched my thermal pro insulation layer.

Brain = Mush

I spent three hours coding some lab work in the departmental computer lab. I was doing well for the first 90 to 120 minutes. After that, I started getting mixed up. We had too many variables. We were writing a script instead of writing a function. Anyways, it was done almost 90 minutes later than it was supposed to. At least everything was working well.

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Home Again

Things are strange.

Today I went to the university to buy books and stuff.

The university has changed a bit. People are different. It was a bit disorientating, but strangely familiar. I rarely spent much time there other than for classes. I asked for directions to the counter where I could buy my course notes and books.

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