Pogo Connect iPad Pressure Sensitive Stylus Price and Release Date Announced

Styluses aren’t just for Samsung devices, there are plenty available for iPads and iPhones. While most of them are pretty crappy, the most interesting are the ones that can connect to your iPad via Bluetooth and convey pressure sensitive information.

pogo connect lap stylus ipad drawing

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Marvel Digital Stylus Doubles as Pen

There are basically two kinds of styluses available. The ones with a thin tip, that allow you to write, draw, and select stuff on a resistive screen, and the ones with a somewhat larger tip, that mimic the way that you use your finger, designed for capacitive touch screens. The benefit of styluses is that they keep your screen from getting covered with fingerprints, and (theoretically) give you more precision than your fat fingertips.

marvel digital stylus pen soft rubber precision tablet smartphone capacitative

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Create Your Own Cheap & Effective iPad Stylus

The iPad is quickly becoming the go-to device for a lot of different kinds of mobile computing. That being said, there comes a time when a stylus has to be used. There are a few different available, but none of them gave the results that I-Wei wanted, so he decided to make his own.

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