EGO Personal Semi-Submarine: No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dive.

I’ve probably watched too many James Bond movies, but a personal submarine sounds pretty cool, no matter what. While this started out as a concept a couple of years ago, it’s actually available for purchase now.

roanhaje ego personal semi submarine boat

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Chinese Mini-Subs Allow You to Be Like James Cameron… Or Not

If you love what James Cameron just accomplished with his own deep-sea submersible, then you can have your own underwater adventures in these Chinese mini-submarines, which were the brainchild of a laid-off factory worker in Wuhan.

china mini sub

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DIY Submarine Made From PVC: Dive! Dive!

This remotely operated vehicle was created thanks to the brains of Jason Rollette, who’s been at it for about five years. This is the second version of his ROV submarine, which is built mostly from PVC tubing.

diy rov submarine jason rollette

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