My Post From Technabob: Subwoofer Chair is One Serious Rump Shaker

This was probably your parents’ worst nightmare. Thanks to Back to the Future, we all love gigantic speakers. Well, this subwoofer is pretty huge and it’s been made into a chair. Do you think it will be loud enough for you?

jl audio greg ball subwoofer chair gaming speaker

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DIY: How To Make Your Own Subwoofer


There’s nothing more satisfying than building your own stuff. It’s not always easy, but it’s always fun to do so, even when it’s a challenge. The rewards always outweigh the effort. Dan McGrath has put together a tutorial to make your own subwoofer. Why do we need subwoofers? Read on to find the answer.

This build is long and complete. The end product is a premium sounding subwoofer, which when bought in stores would sell over $1000. Parts and tool will cost you about $200, so this is really something that you could try out in order to end up with something that sounds really good. The assembling of the casing takes up quite some time and you need to be precise. Afterward, there is some welding and you need to set up the wiring, which requires an experience and familiarity with electrical wiring. The building of the casing is more complex than the wiring, so if you are comfortable working with wood, then you should try this build out.

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