Edible Sugar Glasses: Drink up, Then Eat up

Candy glass isn’t something new, but these ones made out of sugar are supposed to complement the drinks that you are consuming, and are certainly more artful than the ones I’ve seen before.

edible sugar glasses fernando laposse glass

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Controversial Proposal Wants Sugar to be Regulated as a Toxic Substance


A new, controversial proposal would try to regulate sugar as a toxic substance, since it’s calorie-rich and naturally enables obesity. Researchers consider it close to alcohol and tobacco, with unique properties that set off a hormonal response, resulting in higher risks of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

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A Year Without Sugar

Macro shot of sugar via Wikipedia

Well, technically that’s not true. I have been eating sugar, sometimes in the form of chocolate and cookies, but I have completely stopped using sugar in my hot drinks, mainly tea and coffee. It’s allowed me to refine my taste buds and realize that sugar just masked some of the neat things that you can taste. Because of this, I no longer put any sugar in espressos or coffee. I can taste the difference in different grains of coffee. I can even judge a good grain from a not so good one.

Since September, I’ve stopped working out. It’s basically down to bad time management. I’m so busy during the week and usually on the weekends, I catch up on sleep. On top of being a graduate student, I teach full time Kindergarten and elementary school, I’m a freelance writer for various online publications, and I run my own business over at Asterisk*Cycles.

For 2011, I’d like to get back to running and cycling, hopefully every day. I know what I have to do, and it’s not a pleasant thought. I will either have to run to work or cycle to work. I think I’d rather run because there will less chances of getting into an accident.