Susannah Breslin On Suicide

Out of the 710 unread items in my GReader today, this was the best and the most touching. Breslin confesses to trying to gas herself in 2005, staring for hours upon end at the heating gas valves in her apartment.

Invincible Ropes Banned from MTV

Invincible’s video/song Ropes has been banned from MTV for its suicidal undertones. Invincible’s a rapper from Detroit.

More Julia Allison

More on Julia Allison. After closing her blog today and viewing this by Feldman, I’m sure she’ll get all of the attention that she desires. I thought the whole lip dub BS that she was doing totally sucked ass, but that’s just me. Maybe people actually like that kind of shit.

The Bizarre Suicide Of Two AI Pioneers

The bizarre suicide of two AI pioneers.

Theresa Duncan And Jeremy Blake

It’s strange reading a dead person’s blog. It’s kind of creepy. There is a mystery surrounding the whole affair, which begs further investigation.

I’ve been reading Theresa Duncan’s blog The Wit of the Staircase and have been entranced by her tragic story. Actually I knew the work of her partner Jeremy Blake. Theresa Duncan apparently committed suicide on the 10th of July 2007. Her partner Jeremy Blake did the same a week later.

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