How to Keep Cool Without Breaking the Bank on AC

Summer is upon us and with the heat getting hotter, you might think that there is no relief in sight unless you just put the air conditioner on and let it cool your pad. The trouble is that you’ll be spending quite a lot of money on your power bill during these summer weeks. For some, it’s no problem, but for others, there might be a couple of hacks involved in order to keep things cool without breaking the bank.

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It’s been raining on and off for the past few weeks. This was the first time I was really caught in a downpour on the scooter. Luckily I had just picked up a milk tea at a shop and was about a minute away from my school.

While I was waiting for the lights to change, the torrential rains swept across my helmet. They were so strong that I looked up, expecting to see a lamp or something to make the water pour all over me. Naturally, it was just the rain.

It got incredibly dark at around 3:30PM. I was lucky once again when the rain abated when I left for home at 6:30PM. I still had on my full raingear. I noticed that since my spill a few weeks ago, my raingear isn’t as rainproof as before. That’s because I have two tears in it. I’ll have to try and seal them.

I really hate driving in the rain. It’s really dangerous and aquaplaning is a fact of life. Brakes don’t really work well and the old scooters don’t have any ABS, so they will just slide and skip and spill.

I’ve had to refuse substitution work for the past few weeks. I’m substituting at a school for the afternoon and most of the evening of my teaching day. I even work on Saturdays until 2:30PM. There are no holes in my schedule for now.

One school has promised me to keep me on for the whole summer, which is pretty cool. I don’t mind that. All that’s left is to find steady substitution work for the afternoons and evenings and I’ll be set for July and August.