UVeBand: Don’t Get Singed By the Sun

The sun can get pretty intense depending on where you live. If that is a concern for you, then you should check out this band, which will hopefully help keep you from getting singed from the sun.

uveband sun exposure band

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NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Filament Explosion


NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured a spectacular video of a filament eruption from Sol, which occurred on August 31st. The segment is in red, and while the video lasts only a few seconds, the actual time period is about three hours.

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Intellego UV-Sensing Wristband: Never Get Fried by the Sun Again

Tanning can be dangerous, especially if you fall asleep on the beach while soaking in some rays. These UV-sensing wristbands will let you know when you’ve had too much sun. Once you’ve had your fill, they change colors to let you know when to cover up.

uv sensing wristband intellego sweden

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Weather Neue & Sun iPhone Apps: Minimal Designs, Easy Forecasts

These days, with the heat and the rain, it always makes sense to open up a weather app before you leave home to check out what the temperature will be like. These two new apps are elegant and minimal, easy to use and best of all free.

weather neue app ios

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Kepler Observations Suggest That Superflares Erupt in G2V-Type Stars


Solar flares happen when magnetic-field loops threading through sunspots get twisted and break, producing massive amounts of radiation that accelerate charged particles into space. The largest one that Sol ever produced in recorded history was on September 1st, 1859, and it was observed by the British astronomer Richard Carrington. Hours later, auroras were seen in tropical latitudes and telegraph lines threw off sparks, even when disconnected from their batteries.

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NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Eruption in Extreme UV


The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory was able to capture this incredible video of a recent coronal mass ejection (CME) on April 7th from the sun’s surface. What makes this video unique is that it was captured in extreme ultraviolet light, giving it an otherworldly feel.

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Use Sunlight When Cleaning Your Monitor

020711_rect540.jpgLike most people we love keeping our monitors and displays spotless. It’s just something we do, and quite frankly, we do obsess about it. From coffee filters to DSLR air blowers, we’ve tried them all to keep our laptops, HDTVs, and computer monitors clean. Here’s a simple tip for all of you who also want to keep your screens their most spotless.

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Got Some Spare CAT5 Lying Around? Why Not Make A Self-Portrait?

If you’ve got a bunch of spare network cable or wires lying around? Maybe you should try and make something constructive out of them, instead of letting them accumulate dust. How about a self-portrait? That’s just what Los Angeles artist Kasey McMahon did.


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Broken D200 or Not

Today I was taking photos and had trouble with my D200. I didn’t realize that the sun was so bright that I actually couldn’t see the images on my viewfinder. The camera was compensating for the brightness and making the photos very dark. I took a few shots of my niece which turned out fine.