Shwood Stone Sunglasses Rock, Literally.

For a long time, most sunglasses have made of the same basic materials – plastic or metal. Recently, I’ve seen wooden sunglasses and even shades made from recycled skateboards pop up. These sunglasses fuse wood with stone to make them look quite rugged.

shwood stone sunglasses

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Anna Chapman Spy Glasses: 007 or 00-Sexy?

You might have thought that spies didn’t need all those fancy gadgets anymore, but you’d be wrong. These fancy glasses are a little less geeky than the other spy glasses we’ve seen (but not too much so). Naturally, the Anna Chapman moniker comes from the sultry Russian spy who was busted wearing specs like these.

anna chapman specs spy glasses sunglasses video recording

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34 KM Bike Ride

I pushed and tugged my bike to the bike shop for repairs. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that it only opened at 1PM. I arrived at 12:25. I waited for half an hour, since it didn’t make sense to push my bike back home and come back. I’d only have a few minutes at home.

I left the bike for the afternoon to get it fully serviced. I tried on a few new helmets. I haven’t gotten a new one since my crash. I also tried some shades.

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Solar Sunglasses: Charge Your Gadgets on the Go!


One of the renewable energies that we always have on hand is solar energy, and we all know that we don’t use it enough. One of the reasons why we aren’t using solar energy more is that it’s usually impractical. Hopefully things will change in the future and we will fully exploit this unlimited source of power. This is one of the reasons why I thought that this concept was so great. You’d just be walking around and charging your gadgets at the same time!

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