SURYA Sunscreen Sculpture: A Creative Way to Deal with Unwanted Solar Glare

This awesome sunscreen looks like it would be at home in deep space, but it’s actually designed for the arts district in Dallas, Texas. The sculpture/sunscreen was commissioned by the police to protect us from brain scans by aliens (NOT!).

surya solar sculpture 1 620x417

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Spray-On Sunscreen: Non-Greasy Way to Keep Kids Safe

082511_rg_SprayOnSunscreen_01.jpgSummer is quickly drawing to a close, but that didn’t stop us from discovering some new sunscreens to protect you and your little ones from the harsh rays of the sun. These spray-on sunscreens are quick to put on, cool you down, and allow for non-greasy coverage of skin, which is something that we love. We’ve been testing some of them out this summer and they worked pretty well. Here are some of the ones available.

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