Correlator Supercomputer Designed to Run ALMA Radio Telescope Array

Chile's Chajnantor plateau, some 5 kilometers above sea level, is the home of a new supercomputer specially designed to run the ALMA radio telescope array (dishes at lower right). Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), Carlos Padilla

The Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) Correlator, a large supercomputer that was built in Chile to help radio astronomers, will be able to perform 17 quadrillion operations per second. It took 48 months to install it, 5,000 meters above sea level.

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Titan, Possibly the World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer


Titan, the new supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Labs, may be the most powerful machine on Earth; but this won’t be confirmed for few more weeks.

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Mira Supercomputer Will Run Simulation of Our Universe


The advent of the Mira supercomputer, along with more powerful Sequoia and K supercomputers, marks the first time that computers have enough computational power to simulate trillions of particles on the move, running a simulation of the Universe.

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Radio Telescope Square Kilometer Array Will be Powered by $43-Million IBM Supercomputer


The world’s largest telescope will be the Square Kilometer Array, and when it starts peering into radio waves emanating from the skies, it will generate 1,000,000 terabytes of data each day. All of this data needs to be processed, and IBM is building a supercomputer to handle it.

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The Bolshoi Simulation: Boxing the Universe


The Bolshoi simulation is the most accurate cosmological simulation of the evolution of the large-scale structure of the universe. Larger simulations, including the BigBolshoi and Multidark, run at a volume 64 times bigger than Bolshoi and have just been publicly made available to astronomers and astrophysicists. The Bolshoi simulation used data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe that measured tiny spatial variations in the cosmic microwave background radiation, giving a glimpse of the distribution of matter and energy at an earlier epoch of the visible universe.

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IBM Watson Supercomputer Ready to Take On Jeopardy Champs

Remember Deep Blue? It was the supercomputer that tried to take on Garry Kasparov in a chess championship and managed to win back in 1997. Now IBM is back with its Watson computer, who’s now ready to take on some real Jeopardy champs.

supercomputer ibm watson jeopardy challenge

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Grape-DR Supercomputer Is the Greenest of Them All, But A Cable Nightmare!

This Japanese supercomputer is supposed to be one of the most environmentally-friendly supercomputer arrays available. But is it just me, or is this the ultimate in cable management problems?

japan supercomputer cable squid nightmare

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Look! A Supercomputer That Fits Under Your Desk


It’s amazing to see how fast technology evolves. Supercomputers have always been gigantic. Cray has come up with a supercomputer that will fit underneath your desk. It’s called the CX1. Soon, we will see houses and homes run by supercomputers, being able to do what PCs aren’t yet able to do. With one centralized supercomputer, you will just need terminals all over your house, not a whole bunch of different computers.

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