Polygon Heroes: Hulk Smash(ed)!

Superhero art rarely gets old, and these Polygon Heroes by New Zealand artist James Reid really hit the spot thanks to the fact that you can easily recognize the heroes right away, despite being broken down into primitive shapes.

polygon heroes 1

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Superhero Fetuses: Destined for Greatness

Ever wondered what your favorite superhero looked like as a baby? How about a fetus? French artist Alexandre Nicolas asked himself that same question, which is why he came up with the arcane sculptures that depict some of the world’s favorite superheroes as fetuses.

alexandre nicolas superhero fetus superman batman spiderman

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Andreas Englund’s Aging Superhero: Punisher Needs Prunes

Have you ever wondered what happened to superheroes when they get older? There have been a few different forays into the subject in comics, but Andreas Englund decided to examine the situation with a bit more flair. His series of aging superhero paintings have popped up all over the place, and I have to say that they are pretty cool.

aging superhero andreas englund retired funny comical design

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Captain America Disc Launching Shield: Pretend You’re the First Avenger

Just like many people, I saw Captain America recently. While it doesn’t compare to The Dark Knight, it was still fun to watch the Captain beat up some Nazis. If you enjoyed watching Steve Rogers grow from 98 lb. weakling to patriotic superhero, you might want to check out this Captain America-inspired shield, that will help you take care of your own enemies.


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Life-Sized Movie Replicas: From Thor to Green Lantern, Take Your Pick

Do you love your superheroes, but just can’t stand the fact that they aren’t real? Well then take the next step by ordering some life-sized movie replicas from your favorite movies, in order to release the superhero inside of you! You can get a replica of pretty much anything that you’ve seen in movies, but the Green Lantern ring looks pretty neat, although I wouldn’t wear it in public.

life size superhero green hornet lantern thor hellboy

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Pixelated Comic Book Superhero Movie Posters: Let’s Hope the Movies Are as Awesome as These Posters

While I don’t know how good some of these movies will be, I know that hopes are high that The Dark Knight Rises is going to be awesome. Since Thor will lead Marvel Studios to their Avengers movie. I am unsure of the result, but needless to say these pseudo-pixel posters for these upcoming comic book superhero movies look pretty amazing.

pseudo michael myers thor green lantern avengers batman posters pixel

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The Cape Pilot & Tarot S01E01-02 (NBC)

The Cape via Wikipedia

The Cape is a superhero drama on NBC which started on the weekend. As much as I like superheroes, this show is somewhat weak in some concepts. I don’t know who came up with parts of the story, but it’s almost ridiculous. It might have been done on purpose, but really, The Cape? I think that it wouldn’t have taken much to improve upon the name. The overall genesis of the superhero is good, but there is definitely room for improvement.

I guess that NBC sought to replace their defunct Heroes series. While some seasons of Heroes were stellar, this is nowhere near as good.

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Green Lantern Trailer: Superhero Reboot du Jour

I’ve always had a weakness for superhero movies. It’s probably because I used to collect comic books when I was younger. I still read some from time to time, but I was really glad to see that Christopher Nolan was able to reboot the Batman series properly. Will the same be true for the Green Lantern movie, with James Bond director Martin Campbell at the helm?

green lantern movie ryan reynolds hal jordan comic books superhero

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Iron Man War Machine Costume: Holy Smokes!

Have you got $4,000 and a month to spare? Well if you do, you can do like this guy did, and build your own Iron Man War Machine costume. Yep, this is real-life costume, not a CGI rendering! Amazing, no? We featured Anthony Le’s Iron Man War Machine costume before, but not these amazing pictures or video.

anthony le war machine iron man costume

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Heroes Ink S04E03 (NBC)

Heroes was one of the few runaway hits of the last few years. It’s extremely popular and has a large fanbase, transcending the comic book genre on which it is based. The plot revolves around the so-called Heroes trying to save the world from destruction. Their lives become intertwined as they struggle. Some characters are able to travel to the past and into the future, changing the stories as they unfold.

Volume 3 and Volume 4 were really bad. I hate to say this, but I think that this show is close to being canceled. I can’t see it being renewed for another season, unless it improves dramatically in this season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
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