Geometric Superheroes: Rectangles, Assemble!

Remember those cool polygon superhero images by James Reid? Well Rene Schiffer takes our heroes a bit further into pixel-land by using only rectangles in his version. None of his designs uses any other shapes but rectangles and none have more than 20 colors.

Rectangle rene schiffer superheroes hulk

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Pablo Cialoni’s Pixel Superheroes: Heroic Bits

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen pixelated superheroes around here, but these ones created by Pablo Cialoni, better known by his handle Pahito, look slightly more minimal than the others that I’ve come across, while still conveying the essence of each character.

pablo cialoni pixel heroes 01

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8-Bit Heroes: Saving People One Pixel at a Time

These pixelaterd superheroes designed by Jesus Castaneda remind me of a time when I used to play my Nintendo Entertainment System for hours upon end. Jesus has created a bunch of superheroes, as well as other characters from films and video games. Some of them make me think of Mario in his Tanooki suit about to take flight.

superheroes 8-bit jesus castaneda design retro video game

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Depressed Superheroes Almost as Sad as Keanu

Grunge artist Lora Zombie puts a new spin on superheroes, showcasing how bad it can get even for the world’s finest. Her series of paintings of Depressed Superheroes are available as prints from Eyes on Walls.

depressed dc comics superheroes lora zombie geek art

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Darth Vader in His Underwear with His Evil Superhero Grandpa, Say What?

This series of photos were shot by Sacha Goldberger, and they are entitled The Darks Part II. In it, a (anti-)superhero named Dark Papouka befriends Darth Vader and they have some fun together. Darth Vader tries to get into the superhero act by wearing his underwear on the outside of his outfit.

darth vader mamika mr papika superheroes star wars grandpa

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Vintage Superhero Posters: Paper Fights Back

French illustrator Grégoire Guillemin created these retro posters as part of his series Exercises in Style, which remind me of the golden age of superheroes. Each poster is unique and the typography matches the overall tone of the art.

Gregoire Guillemin papercraft design superheroes art geek

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Cuddly Bear Superheroes and Star Wars: Bears Everywhere!

We all know that plush bears are cuddly, but Julius Santiago took it to a whole new level, by having some cuddly bears dress up in some famous costumes, from superheroes to Star Wars. Darth Vader isn’t exactly imposing in his new body, and it’s kind of hard to take Batman seriously when he’s a cute little bear.

cuddly bears darth vader julius santiago superheroes

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