Hawkeye Crime Surveillance System: The Eye in the Sky

Many people are worried about the government being able to monitor whatever they are up to. Now, there is a new kind of system that will be able to surveil America’s cities from above – with incredible precision. And no, it’s not “The Machine” and it won’t acquire sentience anytime soon.

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DARPA ARGUS-IS 1.8 Gigapixel Camera: Enough Resolution for Ya?

There are plenty of drones hovering overhead, but I have to say that mounting one of these ultra-high resolution cameras on one will make them very useful for Big Brother. Pretty soon, they’ll be able to spot what you’re having for breakfast from 20,000 feet in the air.

argus zoom out

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MMI Cam: Smartphone Remote Camera is Perfect for on the Fly Surveillance

The MMI Cam is a remote-controlled camera which you can mount just about anywhere and control with your smartphone. It was created by Israeli designer Or Leviteh, and it’s controlled thanks to a bundled smartphone app.


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Rotundus GroundBot: Rolling Surveillance Robot from the Future

I don’t know why robotics experts haven’t thought of this before, but this tire-like surveillance robot is the way to go for mobile and autonomous operations. Even better since it looks like it’s right out of science fiction, from Terminator, The Prisoner or Fahrenheit 451.

groundbot surveillance royundus swedish robot mobile

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Logitech’s iPad Alert App: Lets You Play Big Brother

Logitech doesn’t just do mice, they also make a whole bunch of other peripherals. And now, they are letting you play Big Brother thanks to their Alert app, which has been released for the iPad. It allows you to see what’s going on at home while you’re gone.

logitech alert app ipad iphone surveillance home security

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Tiny Flying Spy Robots: That’s All We Need Now

If you are worried about  all those security cameras that are popping up everywhere, and Big Brother watching you, well maybe you should just leave now and ignore this piece of news. Mirko Kovac from the EPFL has developed a bunch of micro air vehicles which can latch onto walls, and yes, they have cameras.

robot spy cam flying big brother

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RC Plane Camera Is Your Own Eye in the Sky

This awesome little device is a lightweight digital camera that can be attached to any RC device and capture photos or videos. Heck, with one of these, you could make your own homebrew surveillance drone.

rc plane camera remote control webcam drone

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I just saw Surveillance by Jennifer Lynch, David Lynch’s daughter. It was pretty good. It was a pretty good concept which was really well executed. The way that the story is told from different POVs is very interesting. Each POV uses unique cinematography to showcase the recollections of the different characters.