Baboons with Stable Relationships are Nicer and Live Longer


In humans, people with strong social ties live longer, have healthier lives, whereas hostile tendencies can lead to an early death. In animals, this seems to be the case as well. Strong social networks contribute to longer lives and healthier offspring. Personality might also be a factor in other primates’ longevity.

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ADAPPT XT iPhone Case: The Multi-Tool Case

For some reason, at least in my mind, iPhones and knives shouldn’t really mix together, but that didn’t stop Jeff Glazer and Joe Goetz from combining an iPhone case with a multi-tool – complete with a functional blade.

adapptxt multitool iphone case

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Zombies and Riverboats: The Survival Guide to the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

This is the SS Huckleberry, and one of only four entries in the 2010 Zombie Safe House Competition. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense going on the rivers, since zombies will probably have trouble eating you if they have to swim.

zombie riverboat survival apocalypse design

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