Survivor Samoa This Game Aint Over S19E15-16 (CBS)

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Russell is already up and about. The rest of the tribe is still in bed. He gets the tree mail. Nat looks anorexic. Russ tells Nat that they absolutely have to win the next immunity challenge, or she might go.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They have to race across some obstacles to retrieve a bag of puzzles. They then need to cross some other obstacles and assemble the puzzle. Jaison the clutz falls. Mick also falls. Russell is in the lead for now. Russell brought his A game. It’s going to be close. Russ has a slight lead. Brett is working against 4 people. It’s between Brett, Mick and Russ. Brett wins immunity again by a slight margin. Mick was really close, but fumbled with his pieces in a few crucial moments.

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Survivor Samoa Two Brains Are Better Than One S19E14 (CBS)

Brett is giving Shambo a head massage after tribal. Russ tells Jaison that Brett needs to go home. The next day, Brett is spouting Bible nonsense to Nat. Nat likes it. Shambo tells Russ that she needs a haircut.

It’s time for the next reward challenge. They will split up in teams of 3 and try to pull some ropes. The goal is to drop as few coconuts as possible. Up for grabs is a night away from camp in a village. They will get a feast. Russ and Nat are team captains. Nat chooses Brett and Mick. Russ has got a big smile. He gets Jaison and Shambo. Nat and Brett start to pray. Russ notices it and he doesn’t like it. He whispers to Shambo. Russ is at 11 and Nat is at 3. After the next round, it’s 29-23. Jaison drops about 48. Nat drops 58 for purple. It’s 77-81. Purple loses because of Brett. Russ, Jaison and Shambo go for reward. Jaison is worried about Nat. Divisions are appearing in their usual steadfast alliance.

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Survivor Samoa Damage Control S19E13 (CBS)

This was a really good episode, probably one of the best of the season. Although it seems like Russell is in the driving seat, the others have become weary of him. They know that he is in charge.

Last episode, Russell revealed to Mick that he made $1.7 million last year. This will coe and bite him in the ass. John was voted out.

Shambo was also surprised that Dave was evicted. He was blindsided. Russ does some damage control with Shambo. Sham tells him that next time, they need to get rid of Dave.

Jaison plays nice with Brett and Monica. They both believe that Russ will win survivor. Jaison tries to play up his role in Russell’s plans. Jaison is starting to play his game, but it’s too late. Jaison tells them that Russ has a lot of money. He made $2 million last year. Brett thinks that they could get him out.

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Survivor Samoa Off With Their Heads S19E12 (CBS)

The old Foa Foa managed to get 3 of the old Galu out, one after the other. It’s quite impressive. Shambo is quite happy that Laura is gone. John switched his vote. Monica and the old Galu know about this. They want him gone. They get some money for the auction. Monica shows off her hairy armpits.

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Survivor Samoa The Day of Reckoning S19E09 (CBS)

Thanks to Russ’ immunity idol, Kelly was evicted last time. Russell is also working Shambo to get rid of Laura. The immunity idol is also going back into play, much to Laura’s dismay. Russell is pretty happy how things are going.


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Survivor Samoa Tastes Like Chicken S19E09 (CBS)

The merge happened in the last episode. Things fell apart quickly. Erik became the first member of the jury.

That night, Russell thinks that he is out next. He’s hoping for a miracle. The girls from the old Galu couldn’t believe that their plan worked. Laura has got her target set on him to go next. Nat stumbles upon a mouse. She wants to eat it. She apologizes after she kills it. She shows it to the tribemates. They are amazed. Jaison thought that she was the Southern belle. He says that he was shocked to death. They say that it tastes like chicken. The tribe gets tree mail. Russell wants to get the other immunity idol. He doesn’t know that Erik had one. It’s probably back in play.

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Survivor Samoa All Hell Breaks Loose S19E08 (CBS)

It’s time for the merge. Foa Foa is down to 4. Russell has got some ideas about what to do, but they will just be picked off if Galu sticks together. However, Shambo and the boys have irritated the girls.

At Galu, Laura thinks that Shambo doesn’t like her. There is some tension. Laura’s canteen is missing. Shambo isn’t turning it around and making it about her and how Laura is a cheerleader in high school. Erik is in his hole and thinks that Laura is a bitch since they all know that Shambo is nuts.

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Survivor Samoa Houdini Magic S19E07 (CBS)

Russell from Foa Foa prospered while Russell from Galu got taken out of the game due to dehydration and exhaustion. With him gone, there is no gender advantage at Galu. The boys decide to bring Shambo over to their side. Foa Foa is upbeat because Russell is gone. Galu still has a 8-5 advantage. The boys of Galu want to make Shambo as their chief. That’s stupid. It’s a quick process. Monica thought that it was stupid. She thinks that if there would have been a vote last night, she might have gone. But they were supposed to vote out Shambo. Dave thinks that Shambo is so stupid that she might screw something up. Luckily, she doesn’t know anything and they can’t tell her anything.

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Survivor Samoa This Is the Man Test S19E06 (CBS)

Ash went home. Liz needs a miracle in order to survive. Foa Foa is freezing because of the soaking rain. Russell thinks that he can warm up in the ocean. Jaison comes along. It’s actually not a bad idea. Jaison says that this is the man test. Russell doesn’t really care. He’s got the heart to get through adversity. Some of the other players aren’t as strong.

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Survivor Samoa Walking On Thin Ice S19E05 (CBS)

Shambo continued to alienate the rest of her tribe. She voted for Monica when the rest of the tribe voted for Yasmine. Shambo is the odd man out and she might just get voted out next. Monica has her sights set on her, but if she doesn’t do well in challenges, the target is still on her back.

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