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Survivor Nicaragua What About Me & Reunion S21E15 (CBS)

Fabio thinks that he’s next. He talks it over with Dan. In the last tribal council, Holly, Chase, and Sash revealed their three-way alliance. Fabio and Dan talk with Holly. Their plea is very weak. Then Fabio talks with Sash. Sash notices that Fab is on edge. Sash tells Fab what he wants to hear.

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Survivor Nicaragua This Is Going to Hurt S21E14 (CBS)

Sash tells Fabio that Benry was trying to target him. That’s why Sash couldn’t tell him anything. Sash wants Fabio to go next.

The next day, the survivors get an HTC cell phone. They get some video messages from home. Fabio’s mom looked pretty good on the video. Fabio talks with Chase. He wants a three-way alliance with Sash.

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Survivor Nicaragua Not Sure Where I Stand S21E13 (CBS)

Fabio jokes that they should name their chicken Kelly-Nay and mention it at the next tribal. Sash is now on the outskirts of the alliances. He’s the swing vote. The next morning, Sash says that he will play the idol no matter what. Chase tells Sash that they should go with the women. Sash replies that if Jane makes it to the end, she’ll win.

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Survivor Nicaragua You Started You’re Finishing S021E12 (CBS)

Purple Kelly asks Nay WTF was going on at Tribal. Nay said that she voted for Brenda for calling her out. Holly talks with Nay. Chase wants Holly, Jane, and Nay to stick together. They want to target Sash because he’s got an idol.

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Survivor Nicaragua Stuck In the Middle S21E10 (CBS)

Brenda says that Fabio, Benry, and Dan are on the outs. They saw who was running the tribe. Brenda says that Sash is more of a queen and she is more of a king.

Holly tries to convince Jane to go against Brenda and Sash.

The next morning, Fabio talks about how they moved the fire closer to the shelter. It’s probably how the shelter caught fire.

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Survivor Nicaragua Running the Camp S21E09 (CBS)

Nay says that tribal was hard for Jane. She just took his punches and rolled with it. If it was Nay, she would have punched him back. Chase finds Marty despicable.

Marty is pretty happy with himself. Marty tells Benry and Dan to tell everyone that they are voting for Nay, but in reality, they will vote for Jane. It’s pretty obvious. Nay and Jane notice his shenanigans.

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Survivor Nicaragua Company Will Be Arriving S21E08 (CBS)

At La Flor, Marty is commiserating his fate. They get tree mail. It’s time for the merge. It gives new life to Marty.

At Espada, they find a chest with a message. It’s the merge. Benry thinks that it’s time for Alina to go home. It’s 6 vs 6. Alina tries to marshal Espada against Marty. They are only partly listening to her.

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