Survivor Redemption Island Seems Like a No Brainer & Reunion S22E14-15 (CBS)

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Boston Rob made it through to the finals. Once Ashley won the immunity challenge, it was a no brainer to get rid of Andrea. Since Rob had the idol and both Nat and Ash knew he had it, they had no choice really to vote for Andrea. Boston Rob managed to beat Ash in the final immunity challenge to make his way into the finals. All that was left was to decide with whom he would go. Actually, Rob already made this decision weeks ago. It was just a manner of seeing if Nat would vote the way that he wanted to. In the end, she did and Ash got voted out. The jury had to choose between Rob, Nat, and Philip. Nat didn’t do anything in the game. She just rode Boston Rob’s coattails. Philip antagonized everyone. Boston Rob won Survivor. and the fan vote, which is pretty decisive.

This was a good season of Survivor. Interestingly enough, they will be bringing Redemption Island back next season. Also, two returning Survivors will join the running, which adds another layer to the game. I think that Redemption Island is a lot better than Exile Island. It complexifies the game, though it didn’t do much of a difference in this season. Both Matt and Andrea were immediately voted out upon their return. I think it would be a lot more interesting to put the evicted Survivors into a secret tribe of their own and allow them to pass unaware until the merge.

The way Rob was talking about getting rid of Grant, it almost seems as if it had been part of his plan all along to get rid of him at that point in time. Did he throw the immunity challenge so that Ash would win immunity? It’s possible.

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Survivor Redemption Island Too Close for Comfort S22E13 (CBS)

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Boston Rob ended up in a rock and a hard place, having to choose between Nat and Grant for the upcoming eviction. The plan was to get rid of Ashley, since we was starting to maneuver against him. However, after having done nothing in Survivor but look tan and anorexic, Ashley managed to win a challenge and immunity. That and the fact that she shared her food reward with Nat sealed her fate in the next episode.

Boston Rob thought about getting rid of Nat, but ultimately, he expects it easier to win in the finals with her than with Grant, which is why he got rid of Grant. This was a mistake. Grant was a much bigger ally of his than Nat and it might come to bite him in the ass. However, it could mean that Grant would come back through Redemption Island, if he can beat Matt, Mike, and Andrea.

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Survivor Redemption Island You Mangled My Nets S22E12 (CBS)

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I am unsure about what to think about Philip’s revelation. On one hand, it makes total sense. He’s been playing the game all this time, and he’s pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. On the other, some of his antics were so nutty that they might have had a grain of truth. We don’t really know what kind of a Federal Agent Philip was, but he’s been in the Army and if he’s worked undercover or been trained to, playing Survivor like this is possible.

As for the rest, it all went as planned. Andrea got evicted and Boston Rob managed to win immunity, thanks to an effort that made him collapse afterward. I was really impressed with this. Usually, some of these types of players will throw challenges or get self-confident. Rob is playing to win and if he continues, he’ll easily win Survivor.

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Survivor Redemption Island A Mystery Package S022E11 (CBS)

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With one final swoop, all of the Zapateras have been evicted. There’s a few of them left on Redemption Island, but it looks like Matt will power through and then will get promptly evicted again by getting double-crossed for the third time by Andrea. The other Ometepes have already talked among themselves. They’ll get rid of Andrea next. This episode featured some more lunacy by Philip. I don’t know how he managed to find his shorts again, but that was pretty shrewd.

That doesn’t stop Philip from either being dyslexic or having a learning disability of some kind. He’s got problems pronouncing complicated words and says the weirdest things. The mystery package meant that the tribe was going to evict another person today. Lo and behold, it came as no surprise that they evicted the last of the Zapateras. In two weeks, the game will begin in the earnest, as the Ometepes will have to vote out one of their own. Unless the girls rally, they will be picked off one by one. Rob probably wants to get rid of Grant at the end and use him to get rid of Nat and/or Ashley.

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Survivor Redemption Island Rice Wars S22E10 (CBS)

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This episode is all about rice. Each tribe has got their own stash of rice and the old Zapateras are eating quite  a lot of it since they have dwindling numbers. It rubs Philip the wrong way, but I didn’t see the Ometepes trying to share anything with the Zapateras, so it’s expected. Philip manages to make it racial for some reason. The duel takes place and naturally Mike and Matt make it through while David becomes the 1st member of the jury.

The immunity challenge was tailor-made for Rob and he easily wins it. Steve tells Rob that they will vote for Philip, but the Ometepes vote out Julie instead. During tribal, she admits to hiding Philip’s shorts.

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Survivor Redemption Island The Buddy System S22E09 (ABC)

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I understand why they compressed two episodes into one this week. It’s obvious what will happen next. The old Ometepe will kill off the Zapatera, one by one because Boston Rob has got complete control of the game right now. There are some really funny bits in this episode, including Philip wearing an idiotic feather on his head and making a diatribe about the Stealth R Us organization. It’s priceless and I’m including his complete quote.

I also understand why Rob wants to keep his sub-tribe apart from the old Zapatera. It allows him to control them and also stops them from forming new bonds with them. This is what usually happens after a merge and it’s not happening right now. With their strongest players gone, in Mike and David, they are going to fall one by one. Once the Zapateras are gone, it’s going to be interesting to see what will happen in the Ometepe tribe, as the other tribemates will realize that now, they are fighting for their own survival, not their tribe’s.

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Survivor Redemption Island This Game Respects Big Moves S22E08 (CBS)

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It was somewhat painful to watch Matt bumbling around the two merged tribes once he got back into the game. He thought that his alliance with Andrea was rock solid, but he negated to take into consideration that Andrea has been playing the game ever since he left with the Ometepe tribe. Bonds have been forged and they proved stronger than her Kindergarten crush on Matt. Matt was really stupid and he definitely got what he deserved. Rob isn’t his confessor, he’s one of the best players of the game of Survivor. For a reason of faith, he decided to confess to Rob what had happened with Mike. Mike had proposed an alliance against Ometepe. This only convinced Rob that Matt couldn’t be trusted and he promptly played him against Zapatera.

Meanwhile, instead of doing what his new alliance told him to do, Matt voted for Steve. He believed that Ometepe was voting for Steve. That was the sole vote for Steve and it was a vote wasted. If he had only voted with Zapatera for Grant, he might have stayed in the game. Things are really going well for Rob. He managed to flush out Zapatera’s immunity idol as well. Ralph and his crew believed that Ometepe would target Mike and he used it on him. That was a simplistic move to make, because Rob is playing a few moves ahead of almost everyone.

So Matt is back on Redemption Island. Zapatera was surprised that Ometepe had the balls to do this a second time. Matt was blindsided once again, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Historically, there has always been resentment at people given a second chance in the game. They have either been promptly voted out or disposed of. This is what happened to Matt and I am not surprised.

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Survivor Redemption Island Don’t Take a Smart One S22E07 (CBS)

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This was another interesting show filled with Philip’s idiocy and lunacy. I liked his reference to The Book of Five Rings but ultimately, he’s the odd man out. The only reason he’ll make it until the merge is because his tribe keeps winning. From the previews, it looks like the merge will happen during the duel, so no more evictions. Even though Philip is an idiot, he does have an interesting take on things. It’s true that Rob is all about control. Once the merge happens, control will slip away. I think that’s saying a bit much though, since Rob is a player that’s always looking ahead. He’ll have no trouble staying in the game, but odds are that if his sub-tribe has the numbers, which they do, they’ll pick off the other tribe one by one. That’s the plan, but Rob knows that things go rarely like they are planned in Survivor. Philip could and will switch over to the other sub-tribe, which means that Rob’s will be down a number unless he can get more support from the Zapatera sub-tribe. His charisma will undoubtedly ensure, unlike Russ, that he stays in the game.

Once again, Ometepe won the challenge and it’s down to team unity and cohesion, something that Zapatera severely lacks. It didn’t help that Sarita was really bad at the challenge. David made up a lot of ground, which kept him in the game this week. .

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Survivor Redemption Island Their Red-Headed Stepchild S22E06 (CBS)

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The editing was done to show that Stephanie had a chance of staying in her tribe, but it was obvious from the get go that she would be voted off if her tribe lost the immunity challenge, and lose they did by a gigantic margin. Surprisingly, Grant and Natalie worked really well together in the challenge, blowing Zapatera out of the water and into tribal council once again. The rest of the episode contains some very funny moments of Philip, being a dick or acting like an idiot. It’s still unfathomable that he was an FBI agent. Honestly, I’m surprised that he passed the psych test.

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Survivor Redemption Island We Hate Our Tribe S220E5 (CBS)

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Aside from Rob doing a few shenanigans to replace the clue that Grant found in the reward basket with his old one, this episode kind of fleshed out Philip. While he should definitely consider not wearing his pink tighty-whiteys in public, it looks like he’s not as stupid as he made everyone think he is. He’s still a doofus. Stephanie and Krista were basically a sinking ship. When they lost the challenge, it wasn’t much of a surprise that Krista got evicted. While I can understand Stephanie’s feelings about her tribe, she’s not really playing the social game with the rest of her tribemates.

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