Survivor I Trust You But I Trust Me More S18E14-15 (CBS)

The final four get back to camp. JT voted for Erinn, just like he promised Coach. He’s starting to get worried about jury votes. Stephen thinks that JT looks like a loyal ally, but Stephen ends up looking like a villain. Stephen starts to think about who he can beat in the end.

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Survivor The Martyr Approach S18E13 (CBS)

Coach was a bit clueless when Debbie left. He is told by JT, Taj and Stephen that they outmanoeuvred Debbie to save him. The next day he is pretty ecstatic to still be in the game. He thinks that JT and Stephen are running the game. He doesn’t want to go to Exile. He says that he’s got asthma and back problems. Stephen thinks that he is scared. He wants to send Coach to Exile.

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Survivor Tocantins The Ultimate Sacrifice S18E12 (CBS)

Coach is pissed at Erinn and Taj for writing Stephen and Debbie’s name down. They need to be voted off. He is pissed. She tells him to chill. Debbie thinks that he is taking things too seriously. He never lets things go. Debbie doesn’t want to be attached to Coach anymore. He’s a downer.

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Survivor Tocantins They Both Went Bananas S18E11 (CBS)

Stephen didn’t tell Debbie or Coach that Tyson was going to go. Stephen and JT notice that Debbie and Coach aren’t angry at all. They appreciate not being told. Stephen and JT tell Deb that Sierra and Erinn are going next. Privately, she tells Coach that she is still angry that Tyson is gone. Sierra wants to rally all of the old Timbira in order to wrest control away from the old Jalapao.

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Survivor Tocantins It’s Funny When People Cry S18E10 (CBS)

Sierra thinks that she will be the next one to go. She is crying a bit. Erinn also looks on the verge of tears. It’s right after tribal council. Sierra wants to talk with Coach.

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Survivor Tocantins The Biggest Fraud in the Game S18E09 (CBS)

Coach says that the morale around camp was pretty low. He tries to tell a story, but it just irks the others. It’s some BS story of being beaten by some pygmies. Coach is just a lying bitch. No one believes him. Brendan doesn’t believe him anymore. I loved it when he said that National Geographic wanted to come with him to the Amazon, and he said no, this trip was about him and him being alone. What a douchebag!

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Survivor Tocantins The Dragon Slayer S18E08 (CBS)

Stupid Coach is doing some idiotic morning exercises. It’s morning meditation. Timbira looks at him like he’s an idiot. Later, he massages his tribe. Erinn likes having new Coach around.

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Survivor Tocantins One of Those Coach Moments S18E07 (CBS)

Spencer was voted out at the last tribal council. JT isn’t worried. He will be worried if they lose another challenge. Joe tells Sydney that Taj will be voted off before her.

It’s day 16 at Timbira. Coach adds more water to the beans because he likes them thoroughly cooked. It started to rain and Coach comes into the shelter. Brendan and Sierra are frustrated with him. Some of the beans burnt. Have of them are lost, and it’s all Coach’s fault.

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Survivor Tocantins Youre Going to Want that Tooth S18E05 (CBS)

Taj is getting her back scratched by Stephen. They find the other immunity idol. Taj handed off the idol to Stephen because he had pockets. He wants to keep the idol and considers it his.

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Survivor Tocantins The Strongest Man Alive S18E04 (CBS)

Jerry was sent home for being sick. The Timbira tribe comes back to camp. Coach is still pissed off. He wants to get rid of Erin. The next day, they want to establish a leader. Tyson doesn’t really care. Coach tells Brendan that he is the leader. Erin tries to backtrack, but that doesn’t work. They talk a lot about leadership and BS.

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