Training & Diet Week 2 Day 1 & 2

Homemade sushi rolls


As usual, nothing much to report, except that I lost 3kgs last week. I had some spicy chicken sushi rolls with a little rice and seaweed, green salad with 3 eggs, rice rolls w seaweed and spices, and a banana smoothie.

I always pack my lunch now, except when I eat before going to teach. The kids always enjoy seeing what I have to eat. They really find it funny that I make my own lunch, not my wife. They met her one time when she subbed for me.

I don’t really consider this a diet, more of a return to what I used to eat before, in 2008-2009. If you really want to keep the weight off, you have to consider it a lifestyle change. I gained weight because I had stop training as hard. I didn’t gain all that much, but I most definitely want to get down to 70kg (155lbs). That would be great.

Hopefully, by the end of this week, I’ll be sub-80kg. I was at around 78kg when I stopped working out back in October.

There is no easy way of doing this. You have to be draconian and cut off all of the bad foods.

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Out Of It

I was partially out of it today. I woke up at 5:30AM to finish typing up an assignment that was due. All of the programming was done. All that was left for me to do is to type my part. I completed it in about 40 minutes.

Then I went to school to assist to two hours worth of oral presentations. Out of the four, I really liked two. Actually I really liked one. The other one was done by Chloé and she is a funny, lanky girl. She presented it well, in my opinion.

The other presentation was done by David and he talked about music and math. It was a very good presentation. It made me wonder about math in electronic music.

I didn’t have to wear any proper pants today since I wasn’t working. So I wore some jeans. My Numerical Analysis professor finished his class 20 minutes early and I was off with Fannie. We usually take the bus together. She’s a third year math student. I like her. She wasn’t working either and was heading home. Contrary to usual, we were heading in opposite directions.

I was planning on going grocery shopping at the IGA. As usual, I got some great healthy foods. I bought some fennel, since I was planning on making a light fennel onion soup later today. I bought some pork as well. Two types actually. One to grill on the BBQ, another to make some green coconut curry.

I bought lots of oranges and bananas, 4L of milk, a red tuna steak which I planned on eating sashimi style later that today. I knew from experience that a 400g piece would be enough for two meals.

For once I didn’t forget the shaving cream. I’ve been forgetting it for weeks now. I tried to get the right type of deodorant, but ended up getting some clear gel deodorant from Gillette. I don’t like that one. I only realized which one it was when I arrived home. I like the antiperspirant sticks.

The bag was quite heavy, but manageable as usual. I arrived home at around 1PM.

I’ve been totally out of it ever since.