American Standards Lamp Has Its Own Wall Switch and Outlet

Peter Bristol’s minimal American Standards Lamp has its own walls switch built right in. The light switch is fully-functional, so you just flick it when you want some light.

peter bristol american standard lamp light fun strange switch

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Rocker Switch Array Display Says Hello World.

This must be one of the largest rocker switch arrays that I’ve ever seen (or is it the only one?). Needless to say that I hope Valentin Ruhry got a volume discount on all those rocker switches used to create his display since he used about 4,750 of them to make it.

rocker switch array funf raume valentin ruhry art display

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3 Great Uses For Old Routers

Just like most people, you’ve probably got a few old routers lying around. It’s true that unlike computers, phones, and tablets, routers are somewhat of a less obvious upgrade choice, but if you want to improve the reception of your home network, it’s best to have a good one on hand.

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News: Over 2 Million Households Without DTV

070109_rg_dtvswitch_01.jpgIt was inevitable that Americans with over-the-air TVs are slowly realizing the their regular analog service has stopped working and won’t return. It’s been a few weeks since the DTV transition and there are still about 1.8% of US households that are without digital service, according to data provided by Nielsen.

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