Stargate Universe Air S01E01-02 (Syfy)

SG°U title card, via Wikipedia
SG°U title card, via Wikipedia

I’ve never been a Stargate fan. I’ve tried watching SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, but never really found them compelling enough. I actually like the original movie with Kurt Russell, but the series never really interested me that much. One of my friends recently bought all of the seasons cheaply. I thought about watching them, but ran out of time. Scalzi is a creative consultant on this series and it looks pretty interesting, so I’ve decided to give it a go.

Now, before any bitching and hating starts― too late, it’s already started, I haven’t bothered to read, review, or watch any of the Stargate series, and I’m not going to. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and didn’t continue. I tried Stargate Atlantis, but didn’t like it. My friend told me that starting season 4, SG-1 was really good. I can’t really comment on that as I stopped watching the series after a few episodes.

Basically, I’m a new viewer of Stargate, but I’m not a science-fiction novice. It puts me in an interesting spot about reviewing this show. My point of view is from someone who hasn’t watched any of the SG shows, so this review and recap should be interesting to those of you who haven’t watched SG before. For the others, leave some comments and start a discussion.

Is the show good or bad? Read on to find out more.

Warning: spoilers ahead

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On Defying Gravity

It looks like ABC all but canceled the series. Episode 9 didn’t air on ABC, but did air on CTV. CTV has gotten rid of it as well. It’s absent this week from their scheduling. From what I can tell, the remaining episodes will be aired on Space starting October 2nd. Annoying, but predictable. I was surprised that such a show was airing on one of the main networks. It will probably do better on Space or Syfy.

Warehouse 13 S01E01-E02 (Syfy)

image via Wikipedia
image via Wikipedia

Syfy, the renamed Scifi Channel, premiered a new show this week. It’s called Warehouse 13. The premise is as follows. Remember the warehouse in which the Arc of the Covenant was stored at the end of Raiders of the Lost Arc? Well that’s Warehouse 13 and our protagonists are going to solve mysterious crimes to retrieve mysterious artifacts so that they can be stored in the mysterious Warehouse 13. Sounds pretty cool, no?

The show fits in with Eureka, but it’s not as good. At least Eureka doesn’t take itself too seriously. Still, I wasn’t all that impressed with Warehouse 13. The plot of the pilot was a bit stupid. Sure it’s to set the scene, but they could have come up with something better than the comb of death, couldn’t they?

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