Molecular Robot Mimics the Ribosome


Scientists have invented a nanomachine that mimics the function of the ribosome, which is the molecular machine that translates the genetic code into the body’s proteins.

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3D Printing Using DNA Could Make Drugs

Credit: widdowquinn/Flickr)

New technology that combines the computer-aided design software inSequio with nanoscale fabrication technology could allow for the 3D printing of drugs using DNA.

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Self-Assembling Polymer Increases Hard Drive Capacity Fivefold


Synthetic chemists have designed self-assembling polymers, which require heat in order to rearrange themselves. This technology has the potential of increasing hard drive storage capacity fivefold.

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Molecular Nano-Machine Assembly Mimics Human Muscle Movement


An assembly of thousands of nano-machines has been put together to produce a coordinated contraction movement, extending up to ten centimeters, akin to the movement of muscular fibers. They were synthesized by a CNRS research team from the Institut Charles Sadron.

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