French Bulldog T-Shirt


French bulldogs are a comical breed of dog, as any Frenchie owner will attest. There’s no denying that these dogs have a lot of personality, and if you love the breed, you can showcase your love thanks to this interesting French Bulldog T-Shirt.

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8-Bit Abe & George: Play Your Favorite for President’s Day

President’s Day is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the USA’s forefathers than by getting yourself some appropriate retro 8-bit t-shirts, featuring Abe Lincoln and George Washington looking like characters from you favorite Super Mario game!

president play day 01

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Flashing Star Trek T-Shirt: Where No Tee Has Gone Before

Yes I know that we all love Star Trek, but do you love it enough to wear this flashing t-shirt? It definitely takes the geek factor to the next level and the Flashing Star-Trek T-Shirt comes in four different designs, perfect for all hardcore Trekkies.

star trek flashing el panel t-shirt geek wear classic

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Tetris Skull & Cross-bones T-Shirt: Pirates of the Game Boyean

Sure, skull and bones designs are a dime a dozen, but this t-shirt has something special going for it. If you look at the t-shirt from afar, you’ll notice something pixel-like about the design. Once you look closely, you’ll see the intricacy of the design, and realize that it’s made from Tetris blocks.

tetris skull bones t-shirt thinkgeek nintendo

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Star Wars Typography Quotes Classic Lines

Remember those awesome typographic Star Wars posters? While these ones may not be as visually dynamic as those, Jerod Gibson had the brilliant idea of using actual quotes from Star Wars to create his version. These great posters are available for purchase as well, so that they can adorn your walls in typographic and Star Wars goodness. That’s not all: they also come on everything from t-shirts to iPod skins.

jerod gibson star wars typography font poster t-shirt iphone ipod skin case

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Mateusz Sypien’s Star Wars Tribute Art: For Dark Siders Only

Mateusz Sypien’s Star Wars Tribute art isn’t filled with Jedis and Ewoks. Nope, it only features three characters, and they operate on the Dark Side of the Force. Well, actually only Darth Vader is officially from the Dark Side, but the other guys aren’t exactly good guys.

star wars tribute darth vader boba feet stormtrooper

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Cthulhu Santa Wishes You a Merry Christmas

If there’s one thing that Cthulhu probably wouldn’t wish you, it’s Merry Christmas, because just thinking too much about this outer god will drive you slowly insane. In fact, don’t think about or say his name aloud too much either. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

cthulhu santa claus merry christmas robin levy

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Know Your Nerds

This new t-shirt design comes courtesy of designer/illustrator Riccardo Bucchioni and I have to say that it’s a pretty funny one. It’s called Know Your Nerds and it’s available on Threadless for 18 bucks.

t-shirt geek wear nerd threadless

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Fully Playable Electric Guitar T-shirt: This One Goes to 11

While I’ve seen everything from keyboards to LEDs integrated into t-shirts, this is the first time that I’ve seen an actual guitar put into a t-shirt. That’s not all: this funky t-shirt comes even with an amplifier.

thinkgeek guitar geek wear t-shirt

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Wearable Brains, NES, And Gremlins, What’s Not to Like?

If you’re looking for awesome-looking hats and t-shirts, then look no further because The Printed Mind has got some crazy new designs that will be available on Monday, Feb 22nd.

gremlins hat t-shirt nes brains zombie fashion wear

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