Creating a Kid’s Art Table with a Bit of IKEA Style

082411_rg_IKEAKIdArtTable_01.jpgOnce your child gets a bit older and starts getting interested in coloring and creating art it’s nice to have a dedicated area where he or she can keep their supplies and creations. You can also double the fun by putting it near your own workstation, so that you can also partake in a bit of creativity with your child.

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FLO Series for Lumina: Minimal Table & Floor Lamp

052511_rg_FLOLumina_01.jpgThere’s something very appealing about minimal lamps, especially ones that use LED technology. They seem to meld into the background, but once they are switched on, it’s surprising how much light they can generate. The FLO series of lamps was designed by a British architecture firm and its main attraction is its obvious minimal design.

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Panasonic’s Solar Charging Table: Total Wireless Power

052011_rg_PanasonicSolarTable_01.jpgWhen your gadgets are running low on power, it’s always nice to have a few different options. From trying to scrounge for a power outlet to popping in new batteries or a juice pack, there are many ways of getting more power. This table was recently showcased by Panasonic and it’s completely wireless. It dispenses power from its solar panel to anyone who needs it.

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Potted Table Lamp Becomes Ambient Floor Lamp

042111_rg_PottedTableLamp_01.jpgSometimes that lamp you bought for the living room or bedroom just doesn’t work out once you come home. Or perhaps you’ve tired of the design. But don’t throw it out, because it might yet be reborn to be enjoyed yet again. Here’s a simple way of reusing some of your lights, transforming a table lamp into an ambient floor lamp for the living room.

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5 Reclaimed Wood Desks & Tables That We Adore

There’s something magical about using old wood to make something new. This applies especially to desks, as old wooden desks do look really good, when you contrast them with modern technology in your home office or in your craft room. All in all, reclaimed wood desks make good projects to work on when you can’t find the right desk.

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The Computerized LEGO Foosball Table: Perfect to Watch While You Wait For the World Cup to Resume

Not only is this soccer table made completely out of LEGOs, it can almost play by itself! It’s perfect for right now, since a lot of people are going into complete soccer withdrawal while awaiting the next two series of matches that are coming up.

lego computer robot foosball football soccer

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Designer LEGO Buffet Table: What Will We Have Next?

A couple of Netherlands-based designers came up with his whimsical buffet table, which is completely made up of LEGO bricks. I like how they color coordinated it. In order to look this good, the buffet table is made up of about 25,000 individual LEGO bricks.


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Rotten Old Door Becomes New Computer Desk

There’s just something magical about taking something rotten and old, and repurposing it for a new use. Take old doors. There are so many out there that are just ready to get thrown out. Thankfully, they can be remade into beautiful desks.

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Modular Accordion Kitchen Countertop By Olga Kalugina

The one thing that’s important in any kitchen is the ability to find stuff quickly. There’s nothing more frustrating than rummaging around those cupboards in order to find something that was misplaced or lost. Technology has come to the rescue with a modular kitchen concept by Olga Kalugina.

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Side Wired Desk: Saves You the Trouble of Bending Over

050709_rg_side_wired_desk_01.jpgWe all have problems with wires. In a perfect world, everything would be unplggd, but since we can’t have that yet, we have to find other solutions to manage the mess of wires that are found underneath each and every desk. The Side Wired Desk is a solution to the mess of cables lurking under desks. It enables you to use the desk as an electrical hub to plug in a bunch of other stuff.