Reasons For Not Buying That New Nifty iPad Now

Many people are going bonkers for the iPad. It’s a device that has definitely changed the mobile computing industry. While Apple released the iPad earlier this year, many other manufacturers are planning on releasing their own version pretty soon. The question is, should you buy one?

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Freescale Designs $200 Tablet PC

While everyone thought that the mythical price of the Crunchpad, which has become the JooJoo, would be impossible to achieve this year, it turns out that a reference design for a $200 tablet will be made available later this year by Freescale.

tablet pc freescale ces

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Motion Computing’s Rugged Tablet PC: A Whole Lot of Accessories

031609_rg_mobilecomputingtablet_01.jpgAfter initially coming onto the market for military, medical and corporate use, tablet PCs have always tried to get into the mainstream but have never truly succeeded. Ask around. How many people do you know that have a tablet PC?. Personally, I’ve always loved the concept, but couldn’t justify spending that amount of cash on something that I’d use just when I was on the road. Plus, spreading yourself out on more than one machine always gets hassling. Motion Computing’s new tablet is a rugged PC, so it’s made for the real world.

The Touch Book: The $300 Tablet PC

020309_rg_touchbook_01.jpgWith the state of modern computers in a flux, my roommate and I were discussing the perfect computer situation. He said that having a larger laptop at home, a powerful 15.4″ or 17″ machine, as well as a smaller netbook or tablet PC would do the trick. The main thing would be to have your smaller laptop with you at all times. Even though laptops are getting smaller and smaller, I have to say that even my 13.3″ Asus is pretty heavy to lug around. It’s not heavy by itself, but add it to the charger and the other stuff I need to have with me during a normal day and it adds up. My roommate wondered about a small tablet PC, something like a netbook tablet PC. It’s pretty certain that Asus will release a Tablet Eee PC later this year, but for now there aren’t any such laptops on the market. That is until the Touch Book was announced.

Third Party Mac Based Tablet PC

A third party Mac based tablet PC will ship finally in early January.

HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Series

My roommate got a new laptop for his work. I was surprised to find out that he paid about $800. It’s an HP Pavilion Entertainment series, comes with dual core 2.16 processors, 4GB of RAM, 320 GB of HD, and it looks pretty cool. It’s comes with a 15.4 glossy WXGA wide-screen display.

On top of those nice specs, it looks good. It’s got some designs all over its surface, the keyboard has a nice response to it. The lights are all white, and just like Apple computers, the HP logo lights up on its cover. I was really impressed by it. Prices have come down significantly in the last year.

Having learned my lesson with laptops back in 2004, I will never buy a desktop replacement laptop again. That being said, I’m probably going to try a tablet PC next, something like the Lenovo X200 Tablet series or the HP Touchsmart. For some reason, HPs are getting really affordable. A quick check in Taiwan let me know that these fancy new computers can be had for between $1000 and $1500. For some reason, configuring the X200 on Lenovo’s American website led me to an $3,800 MSRP. That’s pretty shitty. The Touchsmart was a whole lot cheaper. One of my caveats would be getting a 64-bit OS and having 8GB of RAM. Other than that, 500GB of internal storage and that’s pretty much it. Factoring this in, it would be a lot cheaper to do this myself, since I don’t think I’ll spend the $800 extra to get 4GB extra and MSW 7 64-bit from the vendor.

Then again, vendors in Taiwan aren’t like vendors in the US. I’ve never paid for having an OS installed on my computers.