Taipei International Cycle Show Part 1


I arrived early on the first day of the Taipei International Cycle Show. It took a while to get my pass in order. My friend who had a ticket breezed through. As I entered 1F of the expo, I started walking around.

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Taipei International Cycle Show

Some Mavic Carbone SLs

Heading to the Taipei International Cycle Show tomorrow. I’m registered as Asterisk*Cycles and I’m hoping to be able to meet new contacts to source wares to my clients. There are quite a few things that I’m looking for, mostly finding other suppliers, for international brands as well as local ones, including frames and rims.

Since I run more of a boutique store than a large volume one, I doubt that I could open accounts with some of the big companies directly, but it’s probable through new distributors.

Anyway, the show will open tomorrow and I’ll be there around 10AM for the Polar presentation. The show opens to the public on Saturday. I’ll be taking my Nikon D200 and snapping some pics.

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