8 Days and 1500 KM All Around Taiwan


I had a week-long vacation coming up between the end of summer camp and the beginning of the fall semester, and my friend had proposed that we go around the island together on scooters.
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50 KM Bike Ride

I wasn’t teaching today in the afternoon, so I took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. I usually get 5 hours sleep each night during the week, so a nap really helps out. Since I didn’t have any other plans than training, I took a longer nap.

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65 KM Bike Ride

Today, I made the mistake of having something to eat a few hours before my bike ride. That meant that I started getting drowsy about an hour after having eaten. That didn’t bode well for the bike ride. I debated between taking a nap or heading out on the bike. The weather was scorching hot and I almost went to take a nap.

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34 KM Bike Ride

Today I had initially planned on doing a 70 km ride, but I started out a bit late. I just finished watching Stage 7 highlights from the Tour de France. It was very exciting. I left the house at 5PM. It was my luck that it actually started drizzling, even after I had checked the Weather Underground’s hourly updates. The WU said that there was 0% chance of rain, but there was.

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