Strange Dog Owner At The Park

I walk Spike at least twice a day. Sometimes more. The doggie needs to do his business and he was ever so hard to toilet train. I remember the nights when I had to walk him at 4AM.

Spike is used to playing with big dogs, even though he’s a small dog. There are two different dog crowds at the park where we go. It’s not really a dog park and the dogs don’t really play that much. I find it annoying, because I would like him to run around more. He does do that, but it’s not always possible.

There is the Retriever/Labrador crowd, the big working dogs and the small doggie crowd. The small dogs don’t do much. Anyway, I would prefer going to a real dog park and have Spike run loose. Here, I have to control him and make sure that he doesn’t run off. Spike’s gotten pretty good off-leash.

There is this strange man there. He doesn’t seem strange. He’s got this sausage dog that always barks at Spike. I’ve noticed that sausage dogs have a tendency to bark at Spike. Spike is a good dog and he doesn’t bark back. He just looks at them confused, wondering what all the fuss is about.

So this guy, he keeps picking up my dog. I don’t mind people petting him or playing with him. But this guy just picks him up and pretends that he is leaving with him. He says bye to me and walks like 10 feet away. I don’t really get that. After that, he lets Spike go.

I think that he likes Spike. Like most people, he’s not seen many Frenchies. I have seen three at the park, but they aren’t real Frenchies. They are hybrids, a cross between Boston Terriers and French bulldogs. Their chests are very small compared to Spike. I know that they aren’t breed standard, from what I know of Frenchies.

I always assume that they are Boston Terriers and I’m surprised when the owners tell me that they are Frenchies. Anyway, this happens all the time, not just in Asia, but also in America. I remember a couple who believed that they had bought a Frenchie, when it most definitely wasn’t.

Spike comes from a line of championship Frenchies. He’s breed standard and he was the largest of his litter. Since I had put the first deposit on the litter, I had first choice. I chose him, even though I knew that he was the dominant puppy of the litter and might be a handful. Which he was.

Anyways, this guy has at least on three different occasions, picked up my dog and pretended to leave with him. I think I might just keep him on his leash next time. I can also see that Spike is confused by what he does. I think that it’s creepy.

Sometimes people  ask me how much Spike cost as a puppy. They are usually astounded when I give them numbers. To get Spike here from Canada to Taiwan cost over 1500$ alone. Airfare, permits, quarantine. The bills kept stacking up last year when he was flown over.