Der Zeisel: The Ultimate Off-Road Wheelchair

Have you ever wanted to feel like Emperor Palpatine, or Davros, the creator of the Daleks? Well, now you can get closer to that sensation, thanks to this off-road machine. It looks like the ultimate wheelchair, putting all other wheelchairs to shame.

der zeisel offroad wheelchair machine 620x298

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HDT Self-Driving Machine Gun: You Have 20 Seconds to Comply

Maybe you thought that self-driving vehicles were a little bit further away, but check out this prototype machine gun, that will dispatch enemies from afar, without needing anyone to drive it.

hdt self driving machine gun

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Digger D-3 Robo Tank Exterminates Landmines

While this isn’t something new, since the British developed these types of tanks in WWII, the robotic Digger D-3 is a modern-day take on the mine-sweeping tank. The D-3 is remote-controlled and will crawl around a minefield digging up up landmines thanks to its flail hammers.


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DTV Shredder ATV: Jet-Ski for Land

This off-road vehicle looks kind of like a jet ski for land. It has two independently-powered caterpillar tracks, that make it look like a personal battle tank. The DTV Shredder can fly over almost any kind of terrain. Plus, you’ll probably scare the crap out of anyone seeing you coming.


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LEGO Tonka Heavy Assault Truck Ready to Crush Your Minifig Army

This incredible LEGO build was dubbed the Tonka Heavy Assault Truck by its creator Karf Oohlu. It sports a massive array of guns and looks quite huge. Apparently, it can shoot a lot of volleys, thanks to all of its weapons.

lego tonka assault truck build toys karf oohlu fun

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Motorized LEGO Tank Shoots Bricks at Your Enemies

This motorized LEGO tank was created by Martijn Hellemans (aka “Dino_Martino”). He hasn’t posted any videos of the thing yet, but this bad-ass build is supposed to be able to fire LEGO bricks at all of your enemies, and even includes laser targeting!

lego tank motor nxt mindstorms badass gun

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